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I am Aldila Septia Berdapaningtyas or you could simply call me Aldila or Dila.

Welcome to my blog, AllSeeBee's Hive.

What is AllSeeBee? 

Who is AllSeeBee?

I got a lot of question about my blog's name and social media account name. So, here are my explanation for the question.

AllSeeBee were actually abbreviation of my full name. So, AllSeeBee is me, Aldila. I came up with that name when I tried to create a unique nickname for my social media account back then when I was in high school.

Besides that, there's a word Bee in AllSeeBee. It refers to the actual Bee which I personally think as an amazing insect that gave a lot of benefit to the nature and human.


Refer back to the Bee, Hive is a house of the bees with hexagonal shape inside, that was created by the bees with such accuracy and have a function to store the honey or eggs. 
Just like the bee's hive, I use this blog to show my creation about makeup and share tutorial or review that I personally create for you, my dear readers. 


Now you know the philosophy behind my blog's name~


What about Aldila? Who is Aldila?

Right now I am still enrolled as a student at a national university in Jakarta and I am currently in my (hopefully) last semester.

I am not a professional makeup artist, I learn how to do makeup from beauty to face painting to special effect makeup basically from everywhere, you name it, Youtube, magazine, online articles, even tv shows.

I personally see makeup as a form of art, because with makeup I can turn myself into a character I wanted to be. In the most simple way to say it, I love to play dress up (even though I never do any cosplay till now).
To show about my point here, I have selected a few makeup looks that I have created from the beginning of my blogging year to the most recent one. 


Well, that's me!

Yes, as you can see, I love art and makeup and fashion at the same time. 

I also did share a lot about beauty related product review and about event that I attended as a beauty blogger.

So, I hope you could enjoy reading my blog with my post about makeup tutorial, product review, event or probably a little bit about my life as well :D

Feel free to ask me through the comment section on my each post. I'll try to reply each of your comment. 
But, I'll delete any spam comment ya.. hahaha.

See you on my post or on my social media accounts (you can click the social media buttons under my banner, it will link you directly to my social media account) :D


Much Love,




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