Angelina Jolie's Disney Maleficent Makeup + Maleficent's Horns

 Well well~
I see you are wandering around here, again...

How wonderful~


Finally, I have watched the Maleficent for twice! :D
Yes, twice! Hahaha, too bad Cilegon doesn't have any 3D cinema :( I think that this movie will way much better to be enjoyed in 3D.. Or is it just me? Anyone has watched it in 3D?

I love the movie! I didn't  mind with the twist ending. Since its about Maleficent, I think that the movie delivers the story in the right way. Maleficent is the main star in the movie, plus Angelina Jolie played her role perfectly. Oh yeah, she was one of the producers of this movie, no wonder why~ :D
Also, what I like more about the movie is the Maleficent character herself. I love to see how they create Maleficent's background story, it gave an enough reason why Maleficent did the curse on Princess Aurora. Oh yeah, I love to see how a villain could be so playful like Maleficent ;D

So, like most common thing that happened to beauty bloggers after watched this movie, I too, want to recreate Maleficent makeup and her whole look ;D

Before i recreate her makeup, I read a few articles about her makeup. It was Angelina Jolie herself who asked to used more prosthetic to create the Maleficent look, because she said that she will played a creature. Well, I agree with Angie's decision to add more prosthetic because she looked beautiful and yet creature looking. You could read the article that explain about Angelina Jolie's Maleficent makeup on Allure Exclusive.

So, here it is, I've tried my best to recreate Angelina Jolie's Maleficent makeup and costume~ :'D

First of all, I have to say sorry for not preparing any specific tutorial either for this makeup nor for the horns. It didn't mean that I don't want to share it to you, but what I did in this makeup and horns are really experimental and I actually not quite sure with the result when I made this. Even, during the process, I almost lose my confident.
Regardless those things, I still want to share you about the process.

Let's talk about the horns first, shall we~ ^o^)/

I made the base out of wire then I wrapped it with felt and then wrapped it with satin ribbon by twisting it. After that, I attached the horns on a wide plastic bandanna.
It took me about five days to finish the horn (I wasn't working on this for 24 hours a day) and it was worth the pain! 'o')9
Hahaha, my hand got scratched and poked by the wire a lot during the process..

Now, let's talk about the makeup~ :D

This is me, without any makeup at all and was trying to create that inhuman cheek bone that Maleficent has. 

On my right cheek, that was tissue that I fold and attached to my cheek with Micropore Paper Tape (it's a medical tape). On my left cheek, I already add Snazaroo Special FX Wax after the same procedure I did on my right cheek.
This was when I started to became not sure. I had to remade one of those cheek (right after I applied wax on both sides) because I felt that it didn't have same position with the other one.

About  the Snazaroo Special FX Wax, I bought it about IDR 50.000 around last December, but now the price went up to about IDR 80.000.. =,='

After the wax application process, I covered it with the mixture of peel off mask and loose powder. I realize from the beginning that I have to applied it very smoothly in order to achieve the flawless result.

When I already reach this stage, I still not confident enough with what I was doing and not really satisfied with the peel off mask result . Moreover, it was frustrating me to find that my foundation couldn't cover the cheek parts and once the peel off mask dried, some parts looked flaky.
After three layers of liquid foundations and the cheek parts still had different shade with my real skin, I finally decided to apply concealer that lighter than my skin tone to my whole face and it turned out quite good.

That was after I powder my face. Hahaha, I really look uncertain. I had to edit it that way because I didn't cover my neck and my hair.. XD
Oh yes, still uncertain and not confident and not satisfied with my base result. But I already done this far, it would be very stupid if I gave up, right? I already made the horns for like five days and I have to continued this makeup.. 
So, I convinced my self to continue. Maybe I still felt not sure because I had not put some colors on my face yet.

This is me after I applied colors to my face~ :3
Colors are including eye makeup, shading and highlighting on my nose and cheeks.

Oh yeah, for the flawless finish, Photoshop does the trick. Yes, I Photoshoped it. As you can see on the 'Before' picture, my upper right cheek started to crack due to the melted wax. Not a pleasant thing to see, right?
During the make up process, I realize that the peel off mask trick suitable for wound or zombie makeup since it doesn't require a flawless finish. So, in this case, the Photoshop have to stepped in and do its job. Oh yeah, I only edited the cheek parts ya and add the brightness a little bit on both pictures, but I didn't edit anything else. So the 'Before' picture is purely how I look with the makeup. Hohoho

On to the eye and lip makeup, I took MAC Maleficent collections as a reference (because it is said that Angelina Jolie's Maleficent makeup artist used the entire MAC Maleficent collection to create her makeup in the movie!) and used makeup that I have to achieve the similar colors.. XD 
I wish I could have the entire Maleficent collection.. T_T)/
Maleficent Palette
Maleficent Lipstick in True Love's Kiss

Here are the products that I used for this Maleficent makeup :

~ Cheek Parts~
- Tissues
- Nextcare Micropore Paper Tape
- Snazaroo Special FX Wax
- Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask
- Moors Loose Powder (3.3)

- Revlon PhotoReady Makeup 008 Golden Beige
- TonyMoly Baby Doll Pot Concealer #02
- MakeOver Perfect Cover Two Way Cake #01 Light Beige
- LT PRO Shade & Tint Kit #02
- Etude House Face Color Corset #4 Light Shading Corset

- Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
- Sariayu 25 Tahun Eye Shadow Palette
- LT PRO Perfecting Eye Color EM 04
- LT PRO Shade & Tint Kit #02
- Wardah Staylast Waterproof Gel Eyeliner #01 Black
- Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit #963 Ash Brown
- Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express
- D'Eyeko Adi Adrian #02
- Softlens X2 Ice No1 Brown

- Maybelline ColorSensational Red Porcelain

For the costume, I used my graduation toga! Hahahaha~ XD
I didn't make the collar like Maleficent used on the poster, instead, I replace it with a ruffled scarf :3

So, I think that's it~

Thank you for visiting and reading my quite long post~ hihihi
I hope you enjoy it and I hope that it could help you if you want to recreate the similar version of Maleficent~ ^o^)/

See you on my next post~



  1. Maleficeeentttttttttttt ♡♡♡
    Waxnya beli dimana Kak??
    Always love ur makeup >,<

    Mind to follow each other?? Thanks ya

    1. Waxnya beli di Gramedia, Queen :D
      Aww thank youuu~ you're so sweet :3 :3 :3

  2. keren abicccc , aku suka cheekbonenya. kamu emang dahsyat selalu lah pokoknya dil haha! (Y)

    1. makaciiih ipah :3 :3 :3 ahihihi, kamu bisa aja nih kalalu memuji XD jadi tersipu-sipu akunya >///< makacih lagi yaah paaah :*

  3. woaaah mba dil, selalu jawdrop kalo liat fantasy makeup mba dil, keyen bangeeeettt :*

    1. ihihihi, jangan kelamaan ya nuy jawdropnya XD makasiiih banyaaak yah untuk pujiannya~ :* :* :*

  4. keren bangettt ♥ horn-nya juga ya ampun.. great job, dilla!

  5. waaaah keren! pantes awalnya aku agak heran ko bisa nonjol banget apple of cheeks nya padahal contour nya pun soft.. keren banget dil!

    1. hihihi, ternyata nggak cuma contouring yah dil? XD makasiiih banyak yah :'D <3 <3 <3

  6. kaaa aku speechless ._. .......keren bangettt!!!
    buat pipi nya itu loh pake tissue ya, kreatif sekaliiii :D

    1. makasiii banyaaak dhana~ :'D <3 <3 <3
      hihihi, iyaa pake tissue~ memanfaatkan barang yg gampang didapat ;)

  7. dila...horn ama cheekbone nya keren abis deh... selalu kreatif! suka bangettt!

    1. makasiiih banyaaak imelda :'D <3 <3 <3 hihihi, seneng nih bacanya :'D

  8. tuh kan.. aku td nya heran tuh pipi knp bisa naik banget.. teryata.. efeck sesuatu ya dhil.. gemes deeeeeeeh.. creative abis mba nya ini...

    1. ihihihi, sesuatu yah yuk, sesuatu~ XD
      makasiiih yaaa ayuk dine~ :* :'D <3 <3 <3

  9. jeeeeeeenggssss.... kereeennn! omaigat omaigat! speechless!
    tapi itu bagian anda tunjukin toga wisudanya anti klimaks banget. hahahaha :P

    1. jeeeeeeeeeengggggsssss~ XD omaigat omaigat omaigat~ XD
      hihihi, should i take it down, the anti climax one? XD
      hihihi, thank youuu yah udah mampir~ :* <3 <3 <3

  10. keren bangett, as always Jeng... Sukaaakk

    1. aww~ makasiiih bangeeet jeng andhika~ :'D seneng deh kalau suka~ :D <3 <3 <3

  11. Awesome <3 , inspiring bgt kak

  12. omg....keren,,speechless q liatnya..
    kreatif banget mbak

    1. hihihi XD makasiiih banyaaak yaah anggoen~ :'D <3 <3 <3

  13. yampunn, bikin sendiri? kreatip amaattt sih >.< keren bangettt *tepuk tangan*

    1. iyaaa kak sasya~ semuanya bikin sendiri~ :D hihihi
      makasiiih banyaaak yaah kak sasya~ :'D <3 <3 <3 *bow*

  14. bagyuuussss.... mirip bgt deh ama aslinyaaa.. bikin tulang pipinya itu lhhooo.. kebanyakan youtube guru cuman kasih bronzer aja.. tp teteup kurang greget...
    jempol buat kakak...

    1. makasiiih banyaaak angie~ :'D <3 <3 <3
      hihihi, samaaa aku pikir juga kurang greget kalau cuma pakai shading XD hihihi

  15. WOW keren bangeeet
    Apa lagi tanduknya itu DIY? plok".
    Belum nontn maleficent nih huaa

    visit me back: impiccha

    1. Makasiiiihhh bangeeet piccha :'D
      Hihihi, iyaa tanduknya aku bikin sendiri XD
      Ayoo buruan nonton, sebelum masa tayangnya habis ^o^)/

  16. what you cover horns?


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