Disney Villains Diva Makeup Collaboration - Ursula (with tutorial)

Whooooaaaa~ I'm so exciteeed~ >,<
This is my second collaboration and I have to say that it's kind of huge!
With other 13 gorgeous beauty bloggers, we made a Disney Villains makeup collaboration. This time is the Divas a.k.a the Ladies~ *part two detected* ahahaha

Why Disney Villains?
Because the Villains play an important role in every movies!
Believe me, a movie would become less fascinated if there is no Villain at all.
In Disney movies, especially their animation movies, the antagonist character was created so uniquely and even has an unusual look. That's why Disney even made a movie filled with the Villains (the tittle of the movie was Mickey Mouse's House of Villains).

Also that's why we create the Disney Villains makeup collaboration.

Please do check all the beauty bloggers through the links bellow, I order the characters based on the banner of the collaboration so it will be easier for you to find which character is recreated by which blogger.

Madame Medusa : Riyanti
Evil Queen : Ellen
Maleficent : Irene
Queen Narissa : Anis
Ursula : Aldila (me)
Yzma : Dine
Marina del Rey :Mukti
Cruella de Vil : Vindy
Mother Gothel : Martalina
Lady Tremaine : Sanny
Madame Mim : Nurina
Queen of Hearts : Anggie
Drizella : Nila
Anastasia : Gita

Speaking about who am I..

I am Ursula~

Who doesn't know Ursula?

The ultimate Villain in Disney's Little Mermaid movie..

Here is my version of Ursula~

'Poor unfortunate soouuul~ in pain, in need~'
'This one longing to be thinner that one wants to get the girl, and do I help them?'
'Yes indeed'

Ahahaha, I just love her song~

Do you want to be Ursula or just to look like her?
I made you a special tutorial~

To complete her look I made a necklace and a pair of earrings.
The pendant of the necklace was made from flour based clay. I actually want to made the earrings out of clay too, but I just didn't know how to create shell shape like Ursula's earrings. So, I made the earrings out of beads and wire.

This is the complete look of my Ursula~

 Ahahaha, I really try to look 'evil'~

So, what do you think?

I hope you like it and I hope you can create your own Ursula look too.

Thanks for stopping by~

and please do comment bellow, don't worry, I wont bite



  1. kyaaa, mba dilla, keren bingiiittt >_<
    hijabnya bener2 keliatan jadi rambutnya ursula, thumbs up buat mba dil :*

    1. kyaaaa~ terima kasih nurinaaa~ XD dirimu juga keren bingiiitttt~ >,<
      ihihii, itu sebenarnya rambutnya ursulaa~ hehehe XD
      terima kasih yaaa~ :*

  2. Iya lhooo dhil bener kata lia, hijabnya kereen bisa mirip banget sama si rambut ursula..
    Btw, alis mu ya dhil.. nggak kukuuuuh aku lihat nya..
    Kereeen :*

    1. ehehehe, terima kasih loh Mbak Dine~ :3
      ahahaha, alisnya hilang ya Mbaaak~ XD
      Mbak Dine juga keren tauuu~ :*

  3. Dilaaa keyeenn.. sukaa♥♥♥ hijabnya juga jagooo.. apa aja bisaaa .. :* ketjuppp

    1. Awwww~ makasiiiih Ce Ellen alias Evil Queen yang keren jugaaaa~ XD
      aku masih butuh banyak latihan pakai hijab sebenarnya..
      ketjuuppp baliiik :*

  4. kerennn total banget makeupnyaaa ^^ sampe2 pake fake nails jg
    two thumbs up!

    1. Ihihihii, makasiiiih yaaa Xiao Vee~ XD
      iyaah aku pakai fake nails karena kuku asliku kurang cetar buat jadi villain..
      makasih yaa :D

  5. Kereeennnn, total bgt ini bikin look-nya sampe kalung & antingnya juga ada :3
    mind to followback, kak? ^^

    1. Makasiiiiiih lintaaaagg~ XD
      ehehehe, kurang cetar ursula kalau nggak pakai perhiasan :p

      followed back dear~ :D

  6. huooo dilaaa keyeen!!!! warnanya bagus de, mirip bgt sama ursula asli!!

    1. dirimu juga keyeeeeen riri~ XD
      saya ini sebenarnya ursulaaa~ itu warna asli sayaa~ #eh
      ahahaha, makasih yaa :*

  7. paling suka sama warna facenya, mirip banget sama aslinya ^^v luar biasaaa!!!! eh ga ketinggalan alisnya yg dasyat tertutup sempurna!! 5 jempol deh, 1 lg pinjem yg laen jempolnya wkwkwkwk....... :D

    1. huwaaaa~ terima kasih linaaaa~ XD
      ihihi, warnanya dapet setelah eksperimen campur-campur face painting XD
      makasiiih yaaa~ :*
      aku juga mau kasih jempol yang banyak buat mother gothel yang kamu bikin, keren bangettts! XD

  8. sumpah kak! Keren banget make up nya.. 0_______0 boros make up gak sih?

    1. makasiiiiiih Salmaaa >,<
      aku juga pikir akan boros face painting, ternyata enggak kok ;)


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