The Evil Queen of Disney Snow White Make Up + Tutorial

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all..."

Every girl must know that line! Yeah, it is the famous Evil Queen's line in Snow White story tale. The Evil Queen is really beautiful and always think that she is the most beautiful one. 
Well I think that's why she looks evil-ly beautiful. Hahahaha, because she is beautiful and evil at the same time. 

In this post, I recreate the Evil Queen look from Disney Snow White Classic Film, and lately the Disney Parks released some amazing new photos photographed by Annie Leibovitz that portray Disney's famous characters in very amazingly realistic way. In the new photos that they released, there is the Evil Queen photos with her Magic Mirror. The Evil Queen is portrayed by Olivia Wilde and the Magic Mirror is portrayed by Alec Baldwin, and here is the photo.

Isn't she gorgeous? :D
The points that always amaze me from this and other Disney Parks photos are the costume and property! Very realistic and it's just like fairy tale come true :D
You can google them if you want to know other Disney Parks' Photos :D



Here is me as the Evil Queen of Snow White


Do I look evil enough?
Heeheehee :D

Here is the tutorial for you 

1. the first think that I took care is my eyebrow, since my eyebrow shape is kind of straight and not thin enough, I have to reshape it. I used Maybelline Master Liner in white. And if you notice, I make a dot above my real eyebrow to mark where I have to draw the brow arch .

2. Foundation timeeee~ I used Maybelline Dream Mate Mousse in nude/light4. If you have some imperfection like dark circle, acne marks or any flaws, you can conceal them in this stage. I used Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer #2 and Wardah Double Function Kit. Oh yeah, I also used these two concealers to cover the white liner on my eyebrows.

3. I drew my eyebrow with Poppy Darsono Eyebrow Pencil #01, drew it in very delicate way or else the concealer around the eyebrow will fade away. Gradually use angled brush to draw the eyebrows with dark brown eyeshadow, and also draw little triangle on the top of your forehead.

4. For eyeshadow, I used purple shadow from Sariayu Merak Kasmaran Eye Shadow Kit. I used it on all over my lid.

5. In this stage, i gave black eyeshadow from the MUA Undressed Palette. I gave this shadow on the outer corner of my lid and blend in.

6. With white champagne color from Mustika Ratu Eyeshadow Sobha Varna Kit, blend in the harsh edge of dark shadows.

7. Line the water line with white eyeliner, I used Maybelline Master Liner in white.

8. Dab a little black eyeshadow under the corner of the eyes.

9. Don't forget to give black eye liner to make the eye looked bolder. I used Maybelline Eyestudio Lasring Drama Gel Liner in black.

10. Curl you lashes~

11. Put false lashes that longer on the outer part.

12. For the lip, I combined two shades of lipstick. One is Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Porcelain anf the other one is Mustika Ratu Lipstick in Merah Jambu.

13. Wore all the props :D yay! We're done! :D Anyway, if you curious about the crown, I made it out of cardboard and metallic gold plastic, and for the white high collar is actually a piece of A3 drawing book paper.

"So, who dare to defeat my beauty?" said the Queen

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the tutorial~

I really appreciate either comments or critics from you, 
because it means a lot for me ^^



  1. Perfect sis :D

  2. Cool! Mungkin kalo ditambah shading pipi, lebih keliatan berwibawa (aka kejam) lagi, dil.. Tapi ini udah keren kok! :D

    1. iyaaa Lyd, shading pipinya kurang... sebenernya udah ada shading sedikit, aku lupa masukin ke step by step di tutorialnya =3=
      hihihi, lagi pula akunya emang tembem >,<
      makasih yaa Lyd :D


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