Collaboration of Disney Villains - Males - Hades Makeup

Hi dear readers~ ^o^)/

I am back with another collaboration on Disney Villains character. This time fellow beauty bloggers and I recreate the male characters :D Yes, we are doing a cross gender makeup this time~ XD

Yiiihaaaa~ XD

In case if you don't remember, we already did a makeup collaboration on the female characters before and I was recreating Ursula's makeup that time :D
In previous collaboration there were 14 beauty bloggers who joined the collaboration, because not all could join this collaboration, after being suspended for more than a month, only we eight who can join this male Villains makeup collaboration :'D

In this cross gender makeup I am recreating Hades' makeup.
Hades is a character from Disney Hercules movie. He is a character from Greek Myth that rule the underworld, in the movie he has a wicked plan to takeover his brother Zeus's throne--the Olympus--but failed.. hahaha

His facial features are pretty unusual, really. Especially his chin which I think look like baguette.. hahaha XD
Since my face is nowhere looking similar to Hades' facial features, I have to hide half of my cheeks with black face painting.

I think I have to improve my face painting skill =,='
Sorry again, no tutorial for this makeup..

At first I confused whether I'm going to make Hades makeup purely with face painting or make it more 3D looking by adding chin and nose prosthetic. I finally decided to make it purely with face painting because I got runny nose and was coughing the entire process and already felt sleepy.
So yeah, I didn't feel fit enough to do a makeup experiment for about 6 hours like I did on Angelina Jolie's Disney Maleficent makeup.. hohoho

So, I think that's all what I want to say about this makeup.

In case you are not familiar with the Disney Villain Males character, this is who they are~

Check out other fellow beauty bloggers' blog to see their amazing work on this collaboration~ ^o^)/

Shan Yu from Mulan : Martalina
The Horned King from the Black Cauldron : Wulan
Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas : Anggie
Shere Khan from the Jungle Book : Ellen
Jafar from Aladdin : Dine
Scar from Lion King  : Irene
Hades from Hercules : Me
Gaston from Beauty and the Beast : Nurina


Thank you for visiting~ ^o^)/

See you on my next post~



  1. Keren kak mukanya bisa lonjong gitu aih aih :*

    1. Makasih Anggie~ :*
      Hehehe, mukanya jadi lonjong setelah pipinya disembunyiin setengah XD

  2. Hallaaaah2 ini Makeup Painting nya full bener mba dhilaaaaaa... keyeeeeeen..

    1. Wehehehehehe, iyaaa nih yuk, face paintingnya full kali ini~ XD
      Makasiiih yaa Sister jafar~ hehehe XD

  3. ini super mantap!!! kereeennnn.... >,<

    1. Awww makasiiiih banyaaak Ce Linaaa~ :* punyamu juga super mantap~ :D

  4. Kerenn dilla..hahaha.. gelii gak pas ngacaa?.. hohoho

    1. Makasiiih Cc Ellen cute~ :*
      Hihihi, bikin makeup ini malah nggak serem dan geli~ XD

  5. mba dil sereeeem ih, bibirnya yang bikin serem >,<
    tapi pastinya, selalu kereeeenn :*

    1. Hehehehe, bibirnya ala ala joker gitu yah, jadinya agak serem kelihatannya XD
      Makasiiih banyaak Nunuy~ :*

  6. kereenn !!
    keliatan serem banget!

    1. Awww makasih banyaaak Cintami~ :'D
      Hehehe, aku nggak nyangka kalau makeup ini dibilang serem XD

  7. hahahaha jeeeengs, aku ngga bisa liat mukamu aslinyaaa. hahahaha fully ketutup sama face paintingnya.

    kereeennn ~

    1. Hehehehe jeeeengss XD makasiiih jeeengs :'D berarti mukaku berhasil tersamarkan di sini :'D hihihi

  8. Keren banget makeup nya <3<3 Bener2 mirip Hades.


    1. Makasiiih Mitch :* jadi seneng nih aku kalau makeup ini mirip sama Hades :'D


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