Thrill #AsianFearFest Photo Contest

After almost 2 years, yeah two years everyone...
I finally create something scary again..

About a couple weeks ago my friend, Ron, told me that there was a photo contest. Not just an ordinary photo contest, it was #AsianFearFest photo contest. So, we have to dress up as a ghost and take a photo with Thrill advertisement. You can see this link for further information. 

What made me so excited to join this photo contest beside the make up? It's the prize! The prizes are 2 VIP CN BLUE Concert tickets.. Kyaaaaa~ >.<

Here is the photo that I use for the contest~

Let me explain something here..
The competition is about asian ghost, especially Indonesian ghost.
Well, since I'm wearing hijab, I can't do any female ghost that Indonesia have.. I don't need to name those ghost, you can name them your self.. 
Actually the concept of my photo is 'None Jakarta'. I thought that I could combine the 'None Jakarta' look and creepy kind of look together. So I can pull off Indonesia theme and the ghost theme together and still covered in my photo.
But yeah, it didn't show really obvious in the photos.. *cry*

Aaaaand here are some other photos~

To make that kind of wound, I simply use peel off mask, thanks to my 'Tata Artistik' Lecturer for giving me that trick :D
For the blood, I just used soy sauce with a little bit of red chili food grade color.

I hope my photos didn't really scare you..

Thanks for stopping by and checking my creepy photos~

Wish me luck (again) 



  1. Replies
    1. Kyaaa~ makasiiiih Elfira :D
      Aku usahakan secepatnya bikin tutorialnya XD

  2. wah hadiahnya tiket konser CN BLUE?? lumayan amaat hihi tons of luck dear, keren deh bikin efek fake bloodnya seremmmmm hihi

    1. iyaaa >.< lumayan banget kaaan~
      makasiiih yaa Judith ^_^)/

  3. duh ini realistis banget lukanya! wish you luck luck lucccckkkk dear <3

  4. lukanya seperti asli yah.. Kewl :)


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