IBB Make Up Challenge November 2013

Kyaaaaa I am such a deadliner DX

As always, I join this month Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge :D
the theme is 'Once Upon A Time' in other word fantasy..

For further info, check www.indonesianbeautyblogger.com :D

This month Make Up Challenge is sponsored by Coverderm.
When I see the picture of their products, I really want to try their Finishing Powder sooo much >.<
Because it is said that their Finishing Powder has natural effect and silky fine texture, what's more important is that it could absorb sebum and sweat :D (I definitely need it >.<)
Okay, here it is my fantasy look :D

Wicked Witch

Fake nooooseee~ :D
I made it from peel off mask :D
but it looks a bit fake T,T

I used Mila Kunis Wicked Witch from the West as reference :D


The details

Sorry for the-not-really-detailed-post because it already the time for submitting T,T
I promise this won't happen again in the future T,T

Thank you for stopping by :D



  1. Tutorial bikin fake nose pleeeeeease say... :-)

    1. *catet*
      aku catet dulu yaaa say :D
      hihihi makasih yaa udah mampir :D

  2. Nose nya tambahan ya mba?? kereeeen abis.. sumpah.. Good luck mba cantik :*

    1. Iyaaa tambahan :D bikin pakai masker :D
      Makasiiih yaaa Dine Aisah yang juga cantik~
      Amiiin amin amin~ :D

  3. aduhh itu keren bgt fake noseny <3 gud luck y mba :D thankyou da polow blog q mba ^^ aq polbek y :D love ur blog ^^

    1. makasiiih yaaa~ masih belum rapi sebenarnya :'(
      terima kasih juga udah di-follow back :D
      love your blog too~ ^^


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