SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor in 03 Berry and 07 Cherry Review

Hello pretty~

Long time no reviewing... kyaaa...

After a few months passed, I would like to show you my favorite colored lip balm from SilkyGirl. Remember the Beauty Blogger Meet Up Event that I've posted earlier, I got these two Moisture Balm Lipcolor from SilkyGirl Indonesia. I got it in Berry and Cherry. 

Talking about the packaging, I like it. It is black so it doesn't look like a lipbalm that most of girl would have, in other words it looked mature (a little bit contrast from SilkyGirl's image, I think).

There are eight different colors option for this Moisture Balm Lipcolor collection :

I am curious with the Fig and the Plum.. hmm..

From the color label at the bottom of the product,  I thought Berry was some kind of pink-plum color and Cherry was red. Hmm..
It turned out that the Cherry was really a nice red color with orange undertone and the Berry was this pretty wearable-pink with a subtle blue undertone in it.
Oh yeah, my very first impression when I saw the bullet was, 'aah, lipstick with lipbalm in the center..'. Because, when I read the name 'Moisture Balm Lipcolor' I thought it would be an ordinary colored-lipbalm.

I was wrong.. hahaha..

It is also different from the ordinary lipbalm, this Moisture Balm Lipcolor glides very easily on my lips, distribute enough moisture and color without leaving any thick feeling on my lips or over-shine.
Plus side is that it contains multi-vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E to help to protect the lips from the UV rays.

Three words. I like it.


Like its claim, it has no scent and no weird taste and it has a good color payoff with good moisture for your lips.

It all was true. Seriously! The moisture last up to 2 to 3 hours and the color itself last longer up to 4 hours without eating or drinking then it will fade eventually.
Oh yeah, I felt that the color of Cherry last longer than the Berry one.

It has became my favorite lip products lately, I wore the pink Berry like everyday and wore the red Cherry like when I was in the mood for bold lips which happened quite often lately.. hahaha
Yes, I ever wore this red Cherry to a class with red polkadot mini dress and red hijab! Talking about me being too bold.. hmm..

Here how I look with SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor in 03 Berry and 07 Cherry. Changing your lip color could change your entire look~

To conclude everything, here are what I like and what I don't like from SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor.

- No fragrance, no weird taste.
- Contains of multi-vitamins
- Good color payoff

*Don't Like*
- Nothing at the moment (seriously).


In this makeup look I also used two more products from SilkyGirl which are :
Natural brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown
Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black

Thank you SilkyGirl Indonesia~


To support this look, I used Yukkiyuna Sweet Pure eyelashes~


Thank you for you too lovely readers for stopping by~

See you on my next post~ ^o^)/



  1. cakep Dilaa, dua2 nya suka, jadi bingung mau milih warna yang mana :X

  2. suka dua-duanya warnanyaaa..
    Tapi masih agak ragu sama lipstick yang ada lipbalm di tengahnya. Soalnya nyobain yang caring model gini juga dapet gratisan, warnanya gak pas, teksturnya juga gak oke. jadi traumaaa haha

    1. Aah aku juga punya yang dari Caring Van, teksturnya emang lebih tebel Caring yah.
      Menurutku yang ini berbeda dari Caring :D

  3. packagingnya mengingatkan aku akan lipstik revlon :D
    yg warna pink baguss.. unik ya di tengahnya lip balm gituu ~

    1. Iya Rini, packaginnya sekilas mirip lipstik Revlon :D
      Warna pink-nya memang bagus, aku juga suka :D Iyaa unik Rin :D


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