SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black Review

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Another SilkyGirl review from me :D

Like another previous SilkyGirl's product that I have reviewed, I got this Double Intense Gel Eyeliner from  Beauty Blogger Meet Up Event :D

This Gel Eyeliner came in a pot that has brush applicator on the lid. This kind of packaging, I think really convenient because you get the product and also the brush in one package.

Not tested on animals~ Good to know that product you're about to use did not use any harmful method :'D

When I checked on their website, there is only one color for this Double Intense Gel Eyeliner which is Pure Black.

For the brush itself, I found it quite decent, soft and not poking your eyes when you applied the eyeliner.Which is good, for a brush that you got from a product, that was good.

As the box has been described about the brush, you can attach the brush on the cap so you can get a longer brush and also you don't have to worried about losing the brush ;)

Here is how I tried it on my hand and I did a few tests on the eyeliner.

After it dried a few minutes, I tried to swipe it over and it was clearly smudged as you can see bellow.

Then I tried to add a few drops of water on it and then I also tried to wipe it.

As you can see, the water turned to black a little bit but it didn't wipe off the eyeliner which was good thing.

Well, that is how on hand test. I also did a test directly on my eyes. I use the eyeliner alone, without any base or eyeshadow. Sadly, I have to say that under 4 hours (without praying session which involve washing my face), the eyeliner already smudge under my eye. The most obvious smudge spot was the outer corner of my eyes.
I didn't know, maybe it was because my eyelid tend to be a little bit oily, or maybe it was just on me.

Anyway, here it is,  how the eyeliner on my eyes~

Here are my conclusion on SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner :

- The color was so intense
- Waterproof
- Brush applicator included
- Not tested on animals

*Don't Like*
- Not smudgeproof


In this makeup look I also used  SilkyGirl Natural Brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown

Thank you SilkyGirl Indonesia~


To support this look, I used Yukkiyuna Sweet Pure eyelashes~


Thank you for you too lovely readers for stopping by~

See you on my next post~ ^o^)/



  1. Aku juga barusan nulis tentang eyeliner, ada Silkygirl gel eyeliner iini juga loh aku masukin mini review.. ^^
    Following you yah Mba Aldila..

    Fairuz Inas

    1. Aku sudah cek blog kamu Fairuz ^^
      Terima kasih sudah mampir~

      Followed you back ^^


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