SilkyGirl Natural Brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown Review


Continuing the SilkyGirl series review, this time I am going to review their Natural Brow Pencil. I got this from the Beauty Blogger Meet Up Event :)

Checking on SilkyGirl website, this Natural Brow Pencil only available in two shades which are 01 Soft Black and 02 Dark Brown. I guess they are very considering the normal hair color that most of South-East Asian girl would have which probably between black or brown.

Like its name, this is a normal brow pencil. Back then, I would prefer a brow product other than pencil, but now since my everyday brow-filler (hahaha, yes I called it brow-filler) is a pencil, I am okay with this SilkyGirl Natural Brow Pencil.

If you are looking for a true brown brow pencil, you could take this SilkyGirl Dark Brown Natural Brow Pencil as consideration. Because this shade give you a true brown without any reddish undertone, just brown.

A plus side from wearing a hijab is that I can rock whenever eyebrow color I want! Hahaha
This SilkyGirl Natural Brow Pencil really have a natural finish and I think every girl with brownish hair could wear this color.

Oh yeah, I could say that this pencil is rather soft and easy to apply. As for the longevity, I would say, as long as you did not rub your eyebrow during the day, it could last for about 7 to 8 hours with two times praying sessions. It faded but it still there.

- True brown color
- Natural finish
- Easy to apply
- Last long

*Don't like*
- It doesn't include brow brush applicator


In this makeup look I also used  SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner in Pure Black

Thank you SilkyGirl Indonesia~


To support this look, I used Yukkiyuna Sweet Pure eyelashes~


Thank you for you too lovely readers for stopping by~

See you on my next post~ ^o^)/



  1. I find this one is better than Makeover. Both of them are a bit too waxy, but stil, this one is better.
    Nice review dear....


    1. Oh really? I haven't tried the Makeover one. Thanks for the info Ninneta ;)

      Thank you for stopping by~ :)

  2. mak cakep banget di alis lu yaaa.. deuh gemes deh jadi pengen jugakk XD


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