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Give a little lip and talk dirty, babe~

I am this kind of person : when my lip condition is dry and it started to become chapped, I will consciously peel the dry skin off of my lip, which is not a good habit, I know. 

That's why I need a lip scrub and a lip balm!

Lip scrub to exfoliate the dry skin and lip balm to hydrate my lip.

Benscrub offered me this Frank Body Lip Scrub and Balm to try and I am more than happy to try it out. Oh yeah, I got this along with Frank Body - Body Cream.

It came in paper package so you will got both the scrub and the balm.

Description :
"My lip scrub gently buffs away dry skin to reveal a soft, smooth, pash-worthy pout. Finish with a slick of my petroleum free balm to keep lips hydrated. Wrapped with ground Robusta coffee and coffee seed oil."

Main Ingredients (taken from www.benscrub.com) : 
Ground Robusta Coffee and Coffee Seed Oil
This finely ground coffee gently polishes and buffs away dry skin cells, leaving your lips smooth, supple and ready to absorb my hydrating natural lip balm. Coffee seed oil stimulates the production of collagen and moisturises with essential fatty acids and vitamin e.

Raw Sugar
These easily dissolved sugar crystals sweeten the deal, providing a gentle and even exfoliation to leave you with a super soft pout. Bonus: they taste delicious.

Macadamia Oil
Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, macadamia oil contains Palmitoleic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are gently absorbed by the skin to provide a long lasting soft and silky feel.

Ethically Sourced Beeswax
Leaves a long-lasting protective coating that shields your lips from the outside elements. The best thing about beeswax is that it’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral, which helps with treating minor skin irritations.


Let's take a look at the Lip Scrub first, shall we?

The packaging was almost similar to the Frank Body Body Cream, but different in size and has different logo on the top of the lid.

This is how it looked like. I know, it looked like balm and far from dry sugar. As you can see, the black dots are Coffea Robusta Seed Powder. Oh lala~

The texture of the lip scrub really surprise me. It was so easy to pick up and apply to my lips without any water.

As you can see bellow, this was how it look when I picked it up and put it directly on my hand. As it is said earlier on this post, the raw sugar that was used in this product is easily dissolve sugar that soft to your lips.

The smell?
It smell exactly like coffee candy!

It was so easy to apply the scrub. After applying the scrub, rinse it with water.

The after effect of the scrub was smooth lips~

Oh yeah, when I was scrubbing my lip, I kind of lick the sugar a little bit. Hahaha


Let's move on to the Lip Balm~

The Lip Balm came in a tube packaging with the same color as the Scrub's packaging. I think most of the Frank Body's products has the same color packaging if you check on Benscrub.

Sealed tube! Happy~

I actually can't decide either I am happy or not with the tube head, because there is no applicator-like that can make you easily apply the balm to your lip. You can actually apply it directly from the tube, it doesn't matter, I've tried this technique. But sometimes, I prefer to apply it with my finger.

The Lip Balm has no color at all and has a coffee scent (I think it came from the Cofea Arabica Seed Oil), which is smell so good. I could say it so good because I love coffee, I think that's why.
But don't worry, the scent is not overpowering.

It didn't have any strange taste, even it didn't have any taste at all! So, I feel very comfortable when using this lip balm. The effects of this Lip Balm are moist and soft lips~

So, bye bye dry lip~


You can find Frank Body's Lip Scrub & Balm for IDR 289.000 on www.benscrub.com

Benscrub is on a mission to rethink beauty by providing a line of essential that celebrate realness than cover it up. #beautyisours

I hope that this review can helps you who want to try or looking for lip scrub and lip balm.

See you on my next post~

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