[Review] benscrub - Frank Body - Body Cream

A good body cream is what your body needs~ and I found one from Frank Body


So, last January I received this amazing package from Benscrub. Yay~

Their packaging was so sturdy, cute and unique!

Even there was a plastic wrapper around the second box.

I got two different products (actually three) from Benscrub which are Frank Body Body Cream which I will review in this post and you can check my other post for the lip balm and lip scrub review.


Description from Benscrub :
"​​Frank Body Cream is a real softie and soon you will be too. Apply to your whole body and let the natural goodness sink in. My body cream will keep you hydrated without slipping and sliding when the weather gets warmer. Target dry skin, sun damages, and stretch marks."

What really catch my attention the most was the '...hydrated without slipping and sliding when the weather gets warmer
I felt that this is what I've been looking for! Because I lived in a such hot and humid city and plus with my condition where I wore covered outfit most of the time, a product that didn't make my skin felt sticky or slipping and sliding is something I would like to use.

You can see the ingredients in this photo. A lot of natural ingredients~

The product came in a jar like most of body cream or body butter and the size of the jar was quite big in my opinion.

I felt so happy to see there's a seal in this jar.

Hello body cream!

The texture of the body cream was quite runny and not really thick. 
Oh yeah, it has really nice smell. It smells like the combination of shea butter, almond and cocoa but in subtle way, which I like.
I didn't mind with the subtle scent because I prefer to use perfume or body mist instead of overpowering scent of lotion. 

As you can see, after I blended it, my skin didn't look greasy at all. In fact, it felt so soft. Another thing that I notice was, the Body Cream absorb pretty quick and leaves no sticky feeling.

As it was said earlier, it targets the dry skin, sun damages and stretch marks. Well, I can really feel the effect on dry skin, it really makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated.
During the day, I have to pray twice and it means that I have to wudhu (wash). Amazingly, I still can feel the smoothness on my skin even though I already washed my hand.

But for sun damages and stretch marks, I think I should take a look at it for a little bit longer (especially the stretch marks! yes, I do have stretch marks).

You can find Frank Body's Body Cream for IDR 399.000 on www.benscrub.com

Benscrub is on a mission to rethink beauty by providing a line of essential that celebrate realness than cover it up.


I hope that this review can helps you who want to try or looking for a smooth body cream.

See you on my next post~

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