[Review] Shu Uemura S Curler

Makeup application will not be perfect without the right tools. Finding the right tools is like a journey of trials and errors. Trying one to another. In this case is the eyelash curler.

As I can remember, eyelash curler is one of my first makeup tool that I have. Yes, instead of powder brush or other brushes, my mom bought me an eyelash curler when I was in high school or in early year of my college as I can remember.

After feeling satisfied with my 'ordinary' eyelash curler, I reach to a certain point where I felt that my 'ordinary' eyelash curler can't perform it's job as I want it to be.

The job that I felt 'ordinary' eyelash curler can't do was curling the inner part of my eyelashes. So, that's why I decided to bought this Shu Uemura S Curler. In hope that with its unique shape, I could curl my lashes evenly.

So, as you can see, it came in a Shu Uemura's signature white box with description and instruction at the back side.

Beside the S Curler itself, you also will get the spare of silicon refill pad. The Shu Uemura BA told me to change the silicon pad after 6 months or so, but I haven't change it until now.. hahaha

It has a white silicon pad that functioned as the pad that will sit on to your eyelid.

There are a few issues that I found from the white pad. First, it often flip to the back. Second, your eyeshadow will imprint on the white pad. It will not ruin your eyeshadow, but the white pad looks dirty afterward.

Also, like other pad on the eyelash curler, the black silicone pad sometimes off of its place and it successfully makes me panic sometimes.

The Shu Uemura's logo was carved on the top side of the S Curler.

The S Curler's size slightly smaller than the usual eyelashes curler.

It fits perfectly on my hand.

This is the comparison result of my eyelash curled with Shu Uemura S Curler and my natural eyelash.

Also the result with mascara~

With its rather small shape, I have to curl my eyelash partly to get the evenly result. It takes time, I know. But at least I could reduce the chance of getting my or someone else's eyelid pinched when I curl the eyelash.

For an eyelash curler from a high end brand like Shu Uemura, I felt pretty satisfied with it.

The price? It was around Rp 280.000 when I purchased it a year ago.
Hahaha.. It probably still the same or change a little bit. For the exact price, please do visit Shu Uemura's counter.


What do you think?

Have you tried eyelash curler like this?

Please do share your thought with me by commenting below.


Thank you for reading this post~

See you on my next post :D


- Aldila -


  1. panasaraaan banget, cuma selalu bertanya2 do I need this? hahaha

    1. hahahaha, aku pun akhirnya beli ini karena awalnya penasaran na :D


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