[Review] Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink

Hi, let me tell you something~

This is one of my favorite product from Shu Uemura. A liquid eyeliner that has brush applicator that allows you to draw your eyeliner as smooth as drawing a calligraphy.
Woohoo~ kind of curious? ;)

First of all, I am so sorry for being such a bad person for not uploading this post that I supposed to upload like six months ago or so T,T
Please forgive me..

But the point still remain the same, that is I want to share you about my review on this amazing product.


Anyway, I got this eyeliner set from last year Shu Uemura Make Up Event. I won a makeup challenge and this was the gift :D

When I say 'a set', yes, as you can see at the first pic, there's the applicator and the cartridge for this Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink. Shu Uemura sold it separately, so if you want to purchase it for the first time, you have to remember to purchase both of the applicator and the cartridge.

For the price, each of the applicator and cartridge was sold for IDR 300.000


Here is the Calligraph:ink applicator.

It was made from some kind of metal that will give you a feel of firm in a good way.

As you can see, the brush applicator has clean white color (the actual strand was clear) and it feel so smooth.


And here is the cartridge~

Yes, in that small box, you'll find a manual paper that will give you a good explanation on how to attach the cartridge to the applicator.


The moment that made me felt so nervous, putting the cartridge to the applicator! I didn't know why I felt so nervous. It was so easy but I just afraid 'what if it broke in my hand', a lot of 'what if' came to my mind that actually nonsense, at all.. hahaha

So, unscrew the applicator first.

Then, attach the cartridge to the applicator. I did it exactly like what the manual said, which is covering the brush tip with tissue or paper towel when attaching the cartridge. In case it spill or something.
After that, just wait untill the brush completely black with the ink.

The brush slowly infused with the ink. Oh yeah, you need to screw back the applicator to its body.

My first impression was like 'love at the first stroke'! It's real! The brush was so smooth and it allows you to create effortless eyeliner creation from thin to thick line. Since it was so smooth, it felt so gentle to the eyes.
I ever do a makeup on two different person and I applied this eyeliner to them, their feedback was 'Are you applying the eyeliner right now? I didn't feel anything.'
I think that was a good feedback because in other words it felt so comfort, even when you applying this on other person's eyes.


This is how I look with the Calligraph:ink eyeliner.

On regular day when I have to walk around like a lot, I'll easily sweating and the eyeliner will gave a subtle mark (smudge) on my lower lash line, mostly on the outer corner of my eyes. But on a day that I spend in an indoor and didn't sweat too much, it amazingly last up to 10 hours (without rubbing or touching the eyelid).


Overall, let's conclude my opinion, shall we~

What I like :
- The Brush! So smooth and gentle to the eye.
- The ink. Black and intense.
- The lasting power. Up to 10 hours in indoor and no sweat condition.
- It refillable.

What I don't like :
- The price.
- Smudge a bit when I get sweaty.
- The cartridge only last for 6 month usage after opening.

From the list, I think it is obvious that I like this eyeliner like A LOT! hahaha
It even make my felt tip eyeliner felt so harsh on my eyelid after I used this Calligraph:ink.


Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia for giving me the chance to try this amazing product.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post.

I hope it helps you to get a good reverence on a good quality high end eyeliner~


See you on my next post~




  1. Wow belum pernah coba tipe eyeliner kya gini .. good review^^


    1. Kamu harus cobain karena pakainya nyaman banget!

      Terima kasih Cicilia ^^

  2. unik banget eyelinernya. nice review, kak dilla! untung harganya mahal, jadi bisa nahan diri hahaha ^^


    1. Iyaa unik banget yah. Terima kasih Yuni :D

      Hahaha, harganya agak bikin kaget yah :p


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