Clozetters Meet Up and Beauty Talk with Jennifer Bachdim

It's monthly Clozetters Meet Up!

This August, the Clozetters Meet Up featured the fashionable Clozette Indonesia Ambassador---Jennifer Bachdim and The Body Shop Indonesia.

I, unfortunately came late to the event and I missed the products introduction and beauty demo from the Body Shop Indonesia, so sad.. :( But, don't worry, I'll tell you a glimpse about the Body Shop's new product that they introduced at the event.

The Body Shop has two new products which are Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ and Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum.

Moisture White™ Bright Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA +++

Taken from The Body Shop, this compact foundation has the illuminating part that could be used as highlighter. It also has these features :
- velvet and creamy texture
- shine absorbing
- flawless coverage
- multi dimensional
- illuminating
- SPF 25 PA+++
Moisture White™ Shiso Night Triple Boost Serum
The Body Shop also has new skin care product, the Moisture White Shiso Night Triple Boost Serum. This serum was designed for night time usage. It is believed that at night, our skin has ability to improve its condition including to brighten itself. 

Why this serum was named as Triple Boost Serum?
Taken from The Body Shop, this serum has triple boosting action that has been proven, which are :
- reduce dark spot
- make skin looks more translucent
- make skin feels rich of moisture


Next session is the beauty talk with Jennifer Bachdim. Oh yeah, if you happen to not know, Jennifer Bachdim is one of Clozette Indonesia Ambassador and also a fashion blogger.

Tia, as a host that day asked a lot of questions about Jennifer's skin care routine to her favorite make up item. Jennifer shared her skin care routine to the audience and revealed that the most important step in her skin care routine was cleansing her face. When she was asked what if she could only bring one make up item, her answer was lipstick.

Jennifer also shared her blogging routine to us. She admitted that she is a morning person, so she mainly did her photo and blog in the morning. She took almost all photo by herself and sometimes her husband, Irfan Bachdim, helped her.

Talking about photo, Jennifer gave a tips on how to take a good selfie. For her, taking a good selfie is by putting the camera right in front of her face and having a good source of light.


The event was so fun! Clozette Crew and the Body Shop Indonesia create a make up competition that we have to do in a group. I was in a group with Ina, Vonny and Natalia. It was so much fun because we have to create a smokey eye make up in seven minutes. This was how our smokey make up looked like. Unfortunately we didn't win but still, it was a great experience.


Erry as Clozette Crew representative, gave Jennifer a surprise present that looked very pretty.


All the pretty ladies with Jennifer Bachdim and the Body Shop Indonesia representatives.


We are the Clozette Indonesia Ambassador~ *proud*
(from left to right) Reihan, Leonita, Sophia, Hani, (bottom row) Ina and me.


Oh yeah we all got a few products to try from the Body Shop Indonesia, thank you~


Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia and the Body Shop Indonesia~

If you want to attend this monthly Clozetters Meet Up, sign up to Clozette Indonesia and follow their Instagram ClozetteID to get their latest update. You also could share about your fashion and make up creation on Clozette ;)


So, thank you so much for reading this event report~

See you on my next post (or at next Clozetters Meet Up)




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