Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown Review + Eyebrow Tutorial

This is my very first time trying Wet n Wild product and I have to say, I like it!

If you read my review on Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick, I said that I was one of the runner ups of ReineDoll's Shop make up challenge and this is one of the complimentary gifts that i got. :3

I was surprise and so happy when I found this in one of complimentary gifts, because I've been wanted to try eyebrow powder but haven't got any chance to buy one since my eyebrow pencils are not even half yet and I also have tendency to only buy things that I really need especially when it comes to make up products or tools. ;)

Let's get back to the main topic here XD

The Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit came in a compact package and in a usual trio eyeshadow compact size. The back side of its contain short direction to use it and the ingredients of brow powder and wax.

You get one angled brush and a mini tweezer from this kit. :D
All what you need for brow on the go~

The brush itself was made from synthetic bristle and pretty flat, which will help you to create line. The rectangular handle really help you to have a firm grip during the application.

Oh yeah, to add the convenient aspect from this kit, it has a sliding mirror! :'D

The Brow Kit contains two eyebrow powder shades, which enough for you to create different eyebrow styles. The powder is matte and has soft texture with a nice color payoff that you can build up.
As I checked Wet n Wild's web, they only have one color selection of this Brow Kit, which is only this Ash Brown color.

This is how both colors look like when it applied on my eyebrow. The darker color actually look a little bit darker in real life.

Special for you my lovely readers :*
I've prepared a brow tutorial using both colors from the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit :D
I used both colors to create more dimension to the eyebrow and for those who happened to have dark hair color but afraid to look too bold with dark eyebrow color, I think this tutorial could be a trick for you to have a match eyebrow color with your dark hair without looking too bold. ;D

Oh yeah, one important thing if you're going to try this eyebrow method is that wipe the brush with clean tissue before you apply the lighter color eyebrow powder.

So, let's sum up everything I like and don't like from this Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit :

+ Brow on the go essential (yeah, it's a kit that you want to bring with you to have a good eyebrow)
+ Affordable price, considered all the things you got from this kit.
+ Soft textured eyebrow powder
+ Nice color payoff
+ Last up to about 6 hours, well, it's not like your eyebrow color will disappear, it eventually will fade but you can tell that it still there a little bit.

~Don't Like~
- Transfer when its wet. Yes, I noticed it after I pray. It transferred to my mukena and make my mukena looked dirty which I didn't like.


You can get this Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit for IDR 115.000 at ReineDoll's Shop. 

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ReineDoll Shop's Instagram : @reinedollshop

Recently they open a pre-order for USA makeup brands from high-end to drugstore brand and they also have some ready stock items :D


Thanks for visiting~ ^o^)/

I hope that the review and the tutorial could help you~ ^^

See you on my next epic post~
Hahaha, yes, I have to say that it will be epic XD



  1. nice tutorial sista <33 ^^

    visit back ya https://gocianyen.blogspot.com

    1. Hihihi, thank you sista :D <3 :D <3 :D <3
      I hope it useful for you :D
      visited back dear ;)

  2. Hai salam kenal kak ^^ aldilla. Hasilnya lebih natural ya kak daripada eyebrow pencil :).

    Mind to followback ?
    visit mine ^^

    1. Hai Sabine ^^ salam kenal juga :D
      Iyaa hasilnya lebih natural kalau dibandingkan pakai pensil alis :D

  3. salam kenal sis...hasilnya ternyata natural...nice tutorial

    1. Salam kenal juga sis :D thank you yaa~ ^^ semoga bermanfaat :D

  4. bagus coklatnya, ga ada hint kemerahan. alis kak dila bagus ih, gampang dibentuk >.< nice share, kak dila :D

    1. Iyaaa Yuni :D nggak kemerahan, jadinya bisa pas sama warna rambut gelap :D
      Hihihi, alisku emang agak dibentuk sih sebenarnya XD
      thank yooouuu~ semoga bermanfaat yaah~ :D

  5. Nice tutorial Dilla..<3<3
    Suka eyebr0w cake powder kalo harian cepet pakenya simple tinggl poles aja ^^ heheh
    Warnanya bagus....

    1. Makasiiih Ce Ellen~ :3
      hihihi, aku malah belum bisa cepet loh Ce :O apalagi kalau mau rapi dan nggak terlalu tebel :O mungkin aku harus latihan terus biar cepet nih :3

  6. nice tutorial Dila !!
    love your brow !
    so neat


  7. Makasih tutorialnya, selalu gagal terus buat alis bentuknya beda banget kanan dan kiri hehe.


    1. Sama-sama Indira ^^
      Hahaha, aku juga masih sering nggak sama kanan sama kiri-nya ^^;
      Terus latihan aja~ :D


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