Flirty Vampy Make Up for XiaoVee's Second Blogiversary Giveaway

So, yeah, another update with another FOTD..
Please don't get bored..

This time FOTD is dedicated for XiaoVee's Second Blogiversary Giveaway~ yay~ Congratulation Vee ^o^)/*

The giveaway close on March 30th, so if you also want to join this giveaway simply click the picture bellow to read all the terms and condition for the giveaway.

Also, this FOTD was made in order to win the Benefit First Class Flirts and the SugarPot Sugar Waxing from Bunny Beaute Cosmetica.
Soo amazing~ *,*

XiaoVee her self was so kind, she provide a link of flirty make up example on the post. From there, I noticed that in flirty make up could consist of bold eye make up or bold lip color or combination of both.

So, I came up with this look..

If I have to name it, it would be 'Flirty Vampy Make Up' :D

The inspiration?

CN BLUE's Can't Stop music video..

Yes you read it right!

This time I made a look based on CN BLUE's music video :D
Not the entire video, I only focused on this scene bellow.

Kind of dark with a little touch of romantic feel from the red roses.
The first time I saw that scene, what came to my mind was 'CN Vampire?' hahaha

So, from that scene and also pictures reference from XiaoVee I create this post's FOTD :D
The combo of bold eye and lip make up~ ^o^)/

Okay, let's add some props to match the CN BLUE's Can't Stop music video scene :D

Notice a little bit difference in the picture above?
Yes, I darken my eye make up a little bit :D

So yeah, that's all...

That's it??? :O

Hahahahaha, just kidding :p

Here, I will add one more picture of Jung YongHwa...

...and me :p

Hahahahaha XD

So what do you think about this FOTD that inspired from music video? :D

Oh yeah, this FOTD was based on my own interpretation from that particular scene (only), so it probably will be so much different from the actual concept of the whole music video ;)

Thank you for visiting~ ^^



  1. Bagussss ^_^
    Cantiknyo dirimu *0*
    Good luck sai :)

    1. Makasih Ce Luci yang cantiik~ :*
      Make upnya Ce Luci juga bagus :D
      Good luck juga buat Ce Luci :D

  2. Uuuuuhuuy.. foto yang terakhir dhillaaaa.. syuuuuka.. vampire nya dapet bgt.. syuka dengan warna bibirnya..

    1. Uuuhuuuuyyy~ vampire banget yah Mbak Dine :D tapi agak kelihatan sendu gitu nggak sih? :/
      wiiihiiiy, makasiih yaa Mbak Dinee ^^

  3. I love YongHwa too. Been lovin him since We Got Married with Seohyun. He's way too adorable. I also think he gets more handsome in Can't Stop MV!

    Good luck for the giveaway!


    1. High five Mitch! ^o^)/\(^o^ He is getting more handsome *o* hahaha XD

      Thank you dear Mitch~ :D

  4. Hi.. Nampaknya pertama kali datang ke sini... Salam kenal yah.. :)

    Bagus banget makeupnya. So romantic..

    Main-main ke blog aku ya. Aku baru aja posting tentang Trend Makeup 2014. Siapa tau lagi butuh inspirasi untuk restock makeup. :)

    See you... :)

    1. Hai ^^ salam kenal juga Ninneta ^^
      Waah terima kasiiih yaa~
      Terima kasih lagi karena sudah berkunjung ke blogku ^^

  5. Hi hi, you're talented!
    Aku nominasikan blog kamu untuk The Liebster Award nih.. check blog aku ya untuk informasi lebih lanjutnya ^_^

    1. Hi hi hi ^^ Oh my God, I'm so flattered *blush*
      Waaah terima kasih yaa sudah dinominasikan ^^

  6. Dilaa....good luck ya, your look very pretty as always.btw, setuju, makin kesini YongHwa makin keca aja.

    btw, I nominate you for Liebster award ya Neng :)))

    1. Aww thank you dearest-prettiest Imelda :3
      Wooohooo~ YongHwa's fans detected niiiih XD

      Thank you so much for nominating me yaa~ :'D


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