How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow (My Way)

Before I start the tutorial, I want to tell you the story behind how one pan of my first Shu Uemura Palette got broken T,T

So, I got this amazing palette from the amazing beauty blogger Carnellin Giveaway.
I was over the cloud when I know I got this palette and very surprised indeed :D

When the gifts arrived, my Mom open the palette box and found out that the palette looked dirty, turned out that one pan of the palette is broken T,T
I would say that I was experiencing an eyeshadow shipping nightmare..

But, I have to thank God that the broken pan was just only one..

 Not only the outside, the inside part of the palette also look dirty.

It was not that bad, I mean it was not become like pieces, but still, it cracked T,T

I was afraid just to see the back of the palette. Before I fixed the palette, I never put it up side down and when I flip it over, the eyeshadow just fall off like this O,O

Scary right?

I googled any tutorial on how to fix broken eyeshadow and got the idea about that.
So, here I will show you how I fixed my broken eyeshadow.

Okay, so before I started fixing the eyeshadow, I somehow managed to poke the pan out of the palette. I did this because I was super afraid that the process would contaminated the rest of eyeshadow but I was, yeah, too afraid, turned out the process was fine. So, you could skip this step.

Because, the plate was contaminated by glue that left on the back of the pan, I transfer the eyeshadow into a small jar to make them into pieces (okay, I have to admit that I used to much instrument here).

Then on the pan I added couple drops of 70 % alcohol (you can find it at your local drug store) to make the eyeshadow leftover not stick to the bottom of the pan.

After that, I transfer the eyeshadow back to the pan.

I added about five drops of 70 % alcohol into the eyeshadow pieces.

Thanks to the silky smooth texture of the eyeshadow, I did't need to stir the eyeshadow mixture because the eyeshadow just absorbed the alcohol like sponge. Yeah, I just needed to flatten the surface of the eyeshadow mixture with (clean) toothpick.

I cut out cardboard of cereal into square shape that has almost similar size to the pan. If your palette pan is round, you could use coin instead.

Then I wrapped it inside tissue (fold the tissue so it has four layers) and then pressed it over the eyeshadow. 
(Sorry there was no photo on the pressing process)

So this is how the tissue will look like. The right one was the first press on the eyeshadow, the tissue absorbed the excess alcohol. The left one is the second and third press.

After the pressing process, the eyeshadow just look like new~ >u<

Next, I put the pan back to where it should be.. :'D
Look flawless like there was no damage ever happened.
Oh yeah, you may need to air dry the eyshadow for, well, a few moments, to have it really dry.

This is how my palette look like~
Sooo happy~ :'D

I hope this post could help you, incase if you experience on broken eyeshadow or any compact powder, blusher, you could use this trick on them. But it won't do on broken heart, ahahaha, just kidding :p.

Okay, thanks for stopping by~




  1. nice DIY :3
    syukurlah bisa balik seperti semula hehe ^^

    1. thank you dear :D
      semoga bisa membantu~
      iyaa, thank God banget bisa balik normal :'D

  2. wah, syukur mba cuma satu yang rusak, dan bisa dibenerin lagi ^^
    mau review palletenya dong mba :D

    1. iyaa~ syukurnya banget banget banget inii :'D
      ihihihi, tunggu yaa~ foto-fotonya masih aku edit nih :3

  3. been there done that!

    waktu higlighter aku pecah, aku pake cara ini juga buat benerinnya. hasil nya gak semulus semula sih, tapi at least bisa dipake lagi, isinya gak berantakan kemana2 and quality nya juga gak berubah.

    thanks for sharing Aldila! :)

    1. Waaah, sepertinya, setidaknya sekali, kita pasti punya pengalaman sama produk kecantikan yang pecah..
      Betul banget! meskipun penampilan eyeshadownya mulus, tapi nggak ada perubahan di kualitas :D

      Thanks for sharing your experience too Imelda :D

      anyway, aku nggak bisa follow blogmu :(

    2. haha iyah,,, aku adanya bloglovin aja, GFC nya aku ilangin.

      tapi ga papa, salam kenal ya Aldila!

      Aku pasti bakal mampir2 lagi ke blog kamu :DD

    3. Waaah aku malah yang belum ada bloglovin :(

      iyaaa, salam kenal juga yaa Imelda :D

      Aku juga bakal mampir-mampir ke blogmu ;)

  4. Nice tutoriall ! Sayang banget itu shu uemuraa ._. untung bisa dibenerin lagii hehe :D

    i'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thankies ♥

    1. Thnak you dear~ :D
      Iyaaa, sedih banget pas tau pecah gitu :'(

      Followed back :D

  5. Ih iyaa sist,pernah aku pesenin highlighter bentuknya pressed powder gitu buat temenku, eh sampainya di sini udah hancuuur jadi bubuk T,T
    Terus pake alkohol gini benerinnya..Lebih enak,daripada pakai tisu pake plastik mika sis,ga ada yang kebuang nempel di tisu (pelit mode) Hehehe

    Kindly visit and follback my blog yah^^

    1. Huwaa sedihnya kalau hancur sampai kayak bubuk gituuu :'(

      Wah, aku nggak kepikiran untuk pakai plastik waktu itu, makasih yaa idenya :D
      ihihihi, iyaa tuh lumayan banget eyeshadow yang nempel di tisu..

      Followed back ;)

  6. I did it too for my blush on! and it worked... :) nice posting dear...

    1. Waaah, happy to hear that Ce Mui~ :D
      This technique simply saves our make up and money, right?
      Thank you Cee~ :D

  7. Klo alkohol bisa bikin mulus hati yang rusak..wahhhhh hehehe.. Tips yang sangat" berguna..^^

    1. Ahahaha, asalkan alkoholnya nggak dibuat oplosan dan diminum ya XD
      Terima kasih, seneng kalau bisa membagikan tips yang bisa berguna buat orang lain~ :'D


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