Makeup Collaboration - 12 Shio Zodiac China, Shio Babi

Can you spot where am I?

Yeah, I am the pig :D

Kyaaa~ so excited because this is my first makeup collaboration with these 12 super gorgeous beauty bloggers :D

I always love to see others makeup collaboration *,* and really want to take a part in one too *,*

The opportunity came to me last week when Mbak Dine from DA Sisters Blog offered me to join this Chinese Zodiacs makeup collaboration and I said 'yes, i would' XD.
By the time I agreed to join the collaboration, there were only two zodiacs left to choose, Goat or Pig.
Hmm, because I like Bad Piggies from the Angry Birds, I choose the Pig :D

So now,

*drumroll please*

Let me introduce you to Lady Pig


Hahaha XD

The first thing that I worked on after I chose the Pis is the pig snout!
At first, I searched on google on how to make pig nose or pig snout, but I didn't get what I wanted =='
So, I figured it out by my self to make the snout.
I actually planned to post the tutorial on how to make pig snout here, but I think I will make it later in different post. I was exhausted when I type this very word.. I just did makeup marathon on myself *sigh*

Okay, let's back to the pig XD

I already prepare the makeup tutorial for this look :D


This is how the whole makeup look like.

I learn about something when I was taking photos for this look..
Angle and how you smile are VERY IMPORTANT thing Ladies and Gentleman~
I took a few photos from very front and I smiled very wide..
This is how it turned out..

I look exactly like chubby pig *o*
Like the pig characters on Kungfu Panda..
My Mom laugh when I showed her this picture and tell me to put it in this post.
I did it Mom~ XD

If you want to see others Chinese Zodiac awesome Makeup work, please do check out the 11 Beauty Bloggers that also participate in this collaboration :

the Rat : Elin
the Ox : Nuria
the Tiger : Ken
the Rabbit : Yunita
the Dragon : Anisa
the Snake : Dine
the Horse : Anne
the Goat : Rifka
the Monkey : Hanni
the Chicken : Ike
the Dog : Michellina

Thanks for stopping by~ :D



  1. hahaaa kamuuuu cakep imuuutt bangeeet siiii ya ampun itu hidung babiny dr apa yah pasti bikin sendiri y mba kreatip banget (y)

    1. Aw aw aw~ XD makaciiih Anne~ XD kuda versi kamu juga imut :3
      itu hidungnya bikin dari kain flanel sana sponge bedak :D
      tutorialnya menyusuuul~ >,<

  2. Hohohoho chubby lady pig *cubit pipi kirikanan kamyuuu* btw.. red lips nya bright banget, aku syuuuka dila, kamu pake lipstick apa?

    1. Hohohoho~ iyah Mbak Chubby Lady Pig~ XD *pukul-pukul manja*
      itu aku pake Maybelline Color Sensational yang Red Porcelain Mbak :D

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  4. salam kenal ka ^^
    asli, kreatif banget ka buat bikin idung babinya :D
    hasilnya keliatan mewah dan seger ka, aku suka bangeeeett!

    1. Hai Nurina :D
      Salam kenal jugaaa~ ^^
      Aaaaah terima kasiiih XD
      Terlihat mewah dan seger mungkin karena pake eyeshadow warna emas ya :O


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