PygmalionLand and the Balm Makeup Challenge - Hollywood 20's - Pinstripe - Plum

Second look for PygmalionLand and the Balm make up challenge everyone~ yaaay~

I really excited to join this make up challenge, I even preparing for other post for the third look at the same time I'm writing this post right now~ woohoo~ ^o^)/

Here is my second look~
Yeah, I tried to recreate the Pinstripe look~ 

On the previous post I did the Argyle look, to make me looked like Argyle I made my skin tone really fair white, well on this one I can say that this is how my skin tone should look like.

Lighting is a vital thing in taking photos or shooting videos. On the photo bellow, you can see there is a little different caused by the lighting direction. 

One more thing, taking photos while wearing hat is a really tricky. In most of the photos that I taken, there was shadow on my face, even on the photo that I used for the make up challenge.

Here is the detail on eye make up.
I made it really soft to balance the strong lip color.

I am really sorry, none of the lip detail photo is good. So, here is the half face detail including the lip.

Thank you for stopping by~

Feel free to leave your comment bellow.

and wish me luck~



  1. Properti topi kk banyak banget ya.. Cantik lg orang nya.. Semoga menang kak :)

    1. Hihihi, nggak banyak kok. Kebetulan punya >.<
      Kebetulan juga saya tiga bersaudara cewek semua, yaa jadinya bisa punya barang lebih dari satu, kayak topi itu :D

      Makasih yaa Dine Aisah yang cantik~ :D Amiiin~

  2. Cantik amaaat, semoga menang ya say, tons of luck! hihi
    new follower here, check mine too at
    and follow me back if you enjoy yaaa :D

    1. Kyaaa~ makasih Judith yang cantik jugaaa~ >.< Amiiiin~ :D
      Makasih yaa udah mau follow blog saya~
      I am new follower on your blog too dear~ :D

      Salam kenal~ ^o^)/

  3. Woaah you're so pretty!! Good luck yaa, semoga menang~ hehe
    I'm your new follower ^^

  4. Waaah thank youuu pretty sweety~ >.< Amiiin, terima kasih ;D

    New follower on your blog too~

    Salam kenal~ ^o^)/

  5. fierce and sexy, suka deh sama foto2nya. Good luck ya ^^
    new follower ~

  6. aww~ makasiiih yaa Nurina yang juga fierce and sexy~ very nice of you dear ;)

    i'm also a new follower on your blog too~

    salam kenal~ ^o^)/


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