PygmalionLand and the Balm Makeup Challenge - Hollywood 20's - Lace - Bright Pink

Third look for PygmalionLand and The Balm Indonesia Make Up Challenge~
Woohoo~ ^o^)/

Tomorrow is the due date for submitting the photos~

Okay, I have to admit that I was a little bit obsessed to create a look that similar to the illustration on the Instain cover.
You can see I even make my skin tone look tanner >.<

Oh yeah, I don't understand why I look chubbier in that photos =,='

I tried to do the 'Lace' pose but it didn't work really well for me. I didn't look good from that kind of angle =,= 
This is the only photo that look fine when I tried to pose like 'Lace'

To match the face skin tone, I also made my fingers look tanner.

Eyes detail~

I created a subtle smokey eyes to balance the pink lip color that I used.

Lip detaiiil~
Since the 'Lace' is bright pink, I used both lip and cheek shade in pink, bright pink to be exact.

So, what do you think about my tanner skin tone look? :D

Thanks for stopping by~

Wish me luck dear friends ;D



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