IBB Make Up Competition September - John Galliano Spring 2010 Runway Make Up Inspired

September is heeeeeereeeeeee~ 

I am sooooo happy because September is my month.
Heeheehee, yeah, I'm a September girl. I was born in this month 22 years ago.
The happy factor is not only that, last month I joined Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge and I came out as a finalist, eventhough I didn't win, I am still happy to know that I was one of five finalist out of about 50 people who joined last month Make Up Challenge.

It is new month and new Make Up Challenge has already started by Indonesian Beauty Blogger.
This month theme is 'Runway Colors' and sponsored by Maybelline New York.

Of course i join the make up challenge again..

Most of runway make up were used natural looking and simple make up. 
Since the point of the Make Up Challenge for this month is color and I like unique look. I chose John Galliano Spring 2010 Runway look as reference. Here is the look.

And here is the look that I recreate on my face.. Since the facial feature between me and the model is different, the result also look different.

For the closer look..

For the face here are the products I used :
- Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in W24
- Maybelline New York Dream Mate Mousse in nude/light4
- Wardah Double Function Kit
- Baby powder
- Moors Two Way Cake for shading my nose
- LT PRO Shade & Tint kit for highlighting my nose
- Maybelline New York Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie
- Etude House Face Color Corset #4 Light Shading Corset

Many products to make my face looked white porcelain =,=

Now for the eyes...

Products I used :
- Maybelline New York Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie (yeah, I used this product for the eyeshadow base color, as you can see, there is a C shape on my cheek that connected to my eye lid area)
- MUA Undressed Palette 
- Sariayu Eye Shadow Set in Reog
- Mustika Ratu Eyeshadow Sobha Varna Kit
- LT PRO Shade & Tint kit

For my eyebrow, I drew it with dark brown eyeshadow.

I spend a lot time just to cover my eyebrows. 
For covering my eyebrows, I used these products :
- Maybelline Master Liner in white
- Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer #2
- Wardah Double Function Kit

Here is the detail for the lips...
I cover my lips with foundation and concealer before I drew and reshape my lips.

Products that I used :
- Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Marooned (I used this to draw and give base color to my lips)
- Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Vampire Red

Actually with those two lip products, I got almost similar lip color with the model but in camera it still looked red for me, so I made my lip look darker instead by dabbed a little bit brown eyeshadow.

So what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by~ ^,^)/

Wish me luck~



  1. Eh sumpah ini keren banget! ^^ gud luck yaa <3


  2. Itu pake false lashes? Ato mascara? Ato eyeshadow? Warnanya gold, baguus...
    And i love the brow !!!

    Aku juga ada buat runway john galliano look, tapi different version.. check mine too ya

    Good luck <3


    1. Hai Riyanti ^^
      Itu aku pakai false lashes trus pakai maskara trus dikasih eyeshadow emas :D
      Terima kasih <3

      Aku barusan udah cek blogmu :D

    2. Aww, aku bisa jadi tukang ramal nh, tebakan aku benarr... wahhahaha :D

      Makasii yaa <3

    3. Hihihihi, Riyanti bisa banget jadi tukang ramal make up XD

      Sama-sama ^o^)/


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