Current Affair : Red Lipstick + Monochrome Outfit

Hi girls!

It's been a while, I know. 
To begin this year with an activity on this blog, this is the first ever blogpost for you~
Unlike the most of the blog post that I've posted, this one will contain both fashion and beauty. Two things that I like equally.

I have interested into fashion since I was like kindergarten. Hahaha, I mean it. I already has my own style preference since I was a little girl.

As time goes by, I've tried a lot of fashion trends that some of them work on me and some of them just quite not work on me. Since like a year ago, I started to have a strong preference toward monochrome outfit and red lipstick. This combo seems to be something that works on me and has become my 'ultimate' choice.

Lets talk about the lipstick first, shall we?



Red lipstick is my new BFF!

I've been wearing red lipstick more often now. Especially if there's a special event or whenever I'd like to.

In this post, I will share three red lipstick with three different finish (eventhough three of them claim to be matte).

- Wardah Longlasting Lipstick 8 Red Velvet -

This lipstick has the matte finish that looked like a liquid matte product. I love the color, the finish on my lips and the staying power. Oh yeah, don't forget about the affordable price too!

One thing that I hate from this lipstick is that, it easily break.

For full review of it, you can read it here.

- PAC Lipstick Life No 40 -

This special edition lipstick from PAC has a semi matte finish in my opinion, which makes your lips look moist in healthy way.

For full review of this lipstick, you can read it here

-  Lancôme L'Absolu Velours 193 -

The Lancôme L'Absolu Velours number 193 has beautiful red color, especially when I applied it on my lips. It is said that it has matte finish, but as you can see it looks a bit satin-glossy on my lips. I didn't know whether I applied it too much or because I took the photo right after I applied the product. But it remain to be like that after several hours.

Oh yeah, the staying power was good. It stayed really nice on my lips for almost five hours.


 *The MonochromeOutfit*

Now, let's talk about the monochrome outfit~

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I've been into black-and-white outfit for a year or so now and I like it! Even my blogs' theme is black and white with a little touch of red right now. Here are some of example of my monochrome outfit (plus red lips) that I wore to several different occasions.

- To the Clozette Meet Up last January -

- When I  had my Thesis Defense, I wore monochrome outfit and red lipstick to boost my confidence. -

- When I went to a museum -

- When I did my makeup job -

Those were pretty much how I combine the monochrome outfit and red lipstick ;)
My ultimate combo right now.

So, what do you think?

Have you ever tried this red lipstick and monochrome combo too? Please do share it to me! I want to see how yours is :)


Thank you so much for visiting and reading my this post :*

See you on my next post~


- Dila -


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  1. Ternyata lipstick kalau padu padan pakaiannya pas cocok ya :)

  2. Aku juga suka pake red lipstick kak, tapi kata Mamaku kalau anak umur 18 belum pantes buat pake lipstick merah heuheu

    1. Hahaha, mungkin mama kamu belum terbiasa kali ya :D
      Aku waktu umur 18, belum berani pakai lipstik merah! hahaha
      Salma termasuk yang berani nih :D


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