[Review] Sociolla April Freebies - Utama Spice - Lavender Liquid Soap, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Cocoa Lip Balm

Another Sociolla's freebies that I got! ;)

This time I got the local Balinese brand called Utama Spice.

I got not only one but three products from this Sociolla's April freebies, which are Lavender Liquid Soap, Rosemary Essential Oil, and also a Cocoa Lip Balm.
Full of nature-kind-of-feel right? ;)



As usual, the package came in Sociolla's signature pink box.

Look at this pretty box inside the pink box! 
The silver box was made in very Balinese traditional pattern and with a little touch of black and white checkered pattern ribbon makes the box even more authentic.


As you can see in the first photo, I got three products and I'll give you the review on every products right now, in this post! ;)

First, I'm going to review the biggest product in this freebies which is Lavender Liquid Soap.

I was so thrilled to see this Lavender scented liquid soap since lavender is one of the flower scent that I like.

As you can see the ingredients in the picture below, this liquid soap was made with mostly natural ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil, and of course the main star in this liquid soap, the lavender oil.

The texture of this liquid soap as it is said, very liquid and almost watery, unlike most of the liquid soap that exist in the market that has thick liquid texture.

If you love aromatherapy scent or simply love the lavender scent, I bet you'll love this soap aroma. Everytime I use this soap, the aroma will fill the room too. That's cool isn't it?

But, there's an issue that I find with this liquid soap. The first time I tried it out, it didn't really give enough moisture to my skin :( I stop using it once I think it makes my skin dry. But, after like two weeks, I tried to use this soap again because I like the lavender scent and I need a little aromatherapy in my bath routine at that time. It turned out that it didn't make my skin dry. I don't know why, maybe it because of the weather, my skin condition, or something else. It just feels okay on my skin.

This soap will not produce any foam. But that's not a big deal for me.


Second product that I got from this freebies is Rosemary Essential Oil.

It came in a blue glass bottle.

To be honest, this is my first time to have an essential oil. This Rosemary Essential Oil smells like rosemary, but stronger, in my opinion. I do know how the rosemary smells like, because I ever had the plant back then.

Since I don't have any carrier oil, I used this essential oil by combining a few drops of the oils in water and heat it up in a pot like this. The scent will fill up the room and it so relaxing!

By the way, to know more about the benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil, I googled about it and it surprised me! Seriously!

So, I read an article on Natural Living Ideas about 21 benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil and one benefits that I could say is true is about the stress relief. Everytime I use it as my room refreshment, I somehow feel more relaxed and I love it!

I think I need to have a carrier oil so that I could try it for my hair, headache and stretch marks problem. ;) Looking forward to see how it works!


Last but not least is Utama Spice Cocoa Lip Balm.

I was so thrilled to find that I got this Cocoa Lip Balm. Because I love Chocolate! Hahaha

Even though it is a Cocoa Lipbalm, the smell is not like a choco bar. Hahaha.
It smells like cocoa and sugar combined, but the sugar is more dominant.

I like the performance of this lip balm, it doesn't make my lips feeling greasy, just enough moisture and also, it doesn't flake off my lips skin. I mean, I ever used a lip balm and I could peel off my lips skin after the moisture gone. This one gives me no problem ;)


What do you think?

Is there any products that catch your interest? Let me know!


Thanks for reading this review!

See you on my next post.



  1. I wanna try the rosemary essentials oil! Great review!

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