[Unboxing] Sociolla March Freebies

'Pretty things inside' box from Sociolla!

Hi hi hi~

Last April I got a special package from Sociolla as one of their beauty blogger. The package was a March Freebies.

As usual, you'll get your package from Sociolla  packed neatly inside a pink box or in a pink bag.

Inside the box, you will find the products wrap safely with the bubble wrap.

For the March Freebies, I got two products from Vitacreme B12 which are Day Cream Sun Protection SPF 30+++ and  Vitacreme B12 VitaBlanc.

I personally like the Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF 30+++ and I'll give you a review on it right after this post ;)

You can get these products at www.sociolla.com. ;)

Thank you Sociolla and Vitacreme B12 for letting me try these products ;)


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