[Event] Sociolla Beyoutiful at Sociolla Pop Up Store Plaza Indonesia

Hi girls!
Who's like to do online shopping? For those who likes online shopping specially beauty related products, I bet you know Sociolla.com :)

So, last month on 14th February to be exact, Sociolla has a fun Event called Beyoutiful at their Pop Up store in Plaza Indonesia.

The Sociolla Pop Up Store has a lot of products that you can try and you can get it online on Sociolla.com .

From makeup to skin care to hair care to perfume~


The event started with warm welcome from the founder of Sociolla.

Titaz as the presenter that day, introduced us to Jennifer Hakim that will start her makeup demo and Tya will be the model.

First make up demo was from Jennifer Hakim. Jennifer showed us how to create a soft date-appropriate makeup that you could use during the day.

In this makeup demo, Jennifer used cream contouring and highlighting. She blended the cream by using brush and beauty blender.

The color of eyeshadows that were used in the demo also look subtle and rather soft.

Here's the result~


The second makeup demo was from Putri Kansil. She showed us how to create a makeup with bold eye makeup that suit for evening occasion.

I got a new trick for covering the panda eye from Putri. She used lavender or purple concealer to conceal the dark circle under the eye, instead of using the orange one for the model because the model has medium-brown skin tone. Putri said that the orange concealer would be more suitable for those who has lighter skin tone.

Here's the result~

I was so happy to attend the makeup demo. Because I could ask both Jennifer and Putri directly about some makeup tips that I just share to you too~


Some sweet treats for us~

Yumm yumm~

Reiput and Tya before they got makeover. Hahaha, yes I mean both of them.

Wefie with Jennifer and Tya.

Strike a pose with Reiput before the event started.


At the event, there was a fun game for us. It was a makeover game!

I paired up with Reiput as a team. I was the one who in charge to did the makeover and Reiput as the model.

Here it is~ Reiput with the touch of my makeup~ :D

credit to Reiput for the photo

There were four teams in the game. The winners was personally chosen by Jennifer Hakim and Putri Kansil.

credit to Reiput for the photo

Reiput and I came out as one of the winner! Alhamdulillah~ :D

credit to Reiput for the photo


Woot woot woot~

Pretty things inside~

Here are what i got as one of the game winner. 


I got Urban Lips Lipstick, My Beauty Diary Mask and a few Sociolla's vouchers.

I was so excited with the lipstick that I got because I totally love the color! Can't wait to share it with you about the lipstick! XD


I have a good news for you. For any of you who want to do you beauty online shopping at Sociolla, you could use my code ALDILA50 at the check out to get IDR 50.000 off for minimum purchase of IDR 200.000

Sounds so tempting right? I know~


Thank you for visiting my blog~

See you on my next post!




  1. Coba?? kapan bisa ketemu lagi yaaaaa?? hiks3.. nanti kalau kita ketemu, kita foto selfie berdua yaaaak.. dengan gaya duck face.. kikikikikik..

    kamu cantik banget dilaaa.. acaranya sepertinya seru ya dil..


    1. Insha Allah kita ketemuan hari kamis nantiiii Mbak Dineee :'D
      Siiip, selfie yang banyak kitaa XD

      Iyaa seru mbak acaranya~

      Terima kasih Mbak Dine cantiiik :*

  2. dilaa lama gak ketemu kita, kurusan yak hihi tambah aja cantiik aja nih dil hehehe

    1. Anaaa, lama tak jumpa kitaaa
      Hehehe, iyaah alhamdulillah aku agak kurusan :D
      Terima kasih Ana cantik :*

  3. Kayaknya acaranya seru banget jadi pengen >< btw mba cantik banget


    1. Hai Liana, iyaah acaranya seru :D

      Wah, terima kasih Liana cantik :*

  4. Hai ka Aldilla ^^
    Aku Rima dari Sociolla Bloggers, folback ya ka ;)


    1. Hai Rima, terima kasih sudah memfollow blogku :D
      Aku sudah follow balik yaa :)

    2. Makasih juga sudah folback ka Aldila ^^


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