Hi 2016! (and a little update about me)


It's me..

I know it's kinda late to make a 'Hi 2016' post

But still, I write this down in this end of January 2016.

So, where am I during 2015?

I've been rarely update this blog since I started my third semester at my college. Yes I did continue my study to the next level and it pretty much took most of my attention. All the assignments, text books and journals to read plus the thesis.
God, I never realize how much that I've been through in my third semester.
Alhamdulillah I get through everything and next month I will be graduated. Yay!

I feel really guilty for not updating much even on my social media such as Instagram or Facebook. I really am sorry :(

But, don't worry, I have like tons of review drafts on my blog right now and they are ready to be posted ;)

I really miss my blog Oh My God T,T

I ever been in this state where I got really bored with my thesis and really want to make some makeup look just because I really really miss being in front of my camera. But I ended up sleeping because I was tired.. lol

I hope this year I will be more productive with this blog and share a lot of reviews and tutorials specially made for you! ;)

Because I really miss you all :*

I really am appreciate every support that everyone of you have given to me and please continue your support for me, because it means a lot.

Love you all!

Warm hugs and kisses,



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