Casual Makeup Tutorial with Silky Girl Products + Hijab Tutorial

Hello there!

I am back with another makeup tutorial. This time is a little bit different because it's a video tutorial! :D Yay! I finally know how to render my video properly :'D *so happy*

As usual, Clozette Indonesia has a monthly gathering and I have a chance to attended one last May. One of the sponsor of the event was SilkyGirl Indonesia. 

The main topic of the gathering was how to create a video. But, unfortunately I came late and the 'how to create a video' session was finished. Everyone that attended the gathering at that time was given a challenge to create a casual makeup video tutorial with products that we got from SilkyGirl goody bag.

Here it is, my video tutorial~

Oh yeah, this makeup is a simple makeup that you might easily recreate and appropriate for everyday use.

Here are the product list:
- SilkyGirl BB Brightening 2-Way Foundation All-in-one
- SilkyGirl Blockbuster Color Palette 07 Classic Chic
- SilkyGirl Double Intense liquid Eyeliner 01 Blackest Black
- SilkyGirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara 01 Black
- SilkyGirl Blush Hour 01 Nectar Blush
- SilkyGirl Moisture Balm Lipcolor 05 Lychee


Oh yeah, I also make a hijab video tutorial. This one is a simple hijab that you can do under two minutes.


I really hope you enjoy my videos. Please do tell me if there's something that I have to correct or improve from these videos.

Your comments will be really helpful for me.


Thank you for stopping by and watching my videos~ ^o^)/

See you on my next post (or video).



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