MUA Lipstick in Raven Review

I love black!
That's what I can say about black. Eventhough black is not the only color I like, it's my favourite.

I have this obsession and attracted to collect dark shade lipstick, including black. Yes, black! 

This is my second black lipstick. I didn't have any intention to purchase another black lipstick at that time actually. So, here's the story, my friend offered me to join her MUA preorder. When I checked MUA's website, I found out that they have black lipstick! That's how I ended up buying this black lipstick :D

Raven, the name of the lipstick itself has represent the color, black. It contains 3.8g of product which I think is standard amount for lipstick. The packaging also pretty standard in my opinion.

This is the interesting part. I always curious when a lipstick has a clear bottom like this. 
It turned out that I could twist to unsrew the clear container and boom! It contain the extra lipstick. Woohoo! But, I don't know whether the 3.8g is including the bottom container or not.

The product, I would say that it doesn't have any weird scent or taste. The scent, it similar to candy which is fine for me.

The pigmentation was good, you can see the picture bellow. Left to right, one swipe to three swipes of the lipstick using lip brush.

It has shiny finish. I think it was because the texture, it's pretty moist.

As for the makeup look in this post, I make the lipstick look like hmm.. Joker kinda lips or maybe it looks like clown's lips? Hahaha, I don't know, I just want to make my lips look wider. To support the look, I made my eye makeup simple yet dramatic with the long upper and lower fake lashes.

Yup, thank you for stopping by and reading~

I hope that this post will be helpful for you.

See you on my next post!




  1. Waooww keren bget, haha kalo aku mah gak brani pke warna item kyak gtu hihi..

    Mampir" ke blogku ya Dila

    1. Hi Iyka :D

      hihihi.. aku pun belum berani pakai warna ini selain untuk keperluan foto :D

      Terima kasih sudah mampir yaa~ :D

  2. Waooww keren bget, haha kalo aku mah gak brani pke warna item kyak gtu hihi..

    Mampir" ke blogku ya Dila

  3. Apikkk mbak hasilnya! :D Jadi kayak Joker yaa? ;)

  4. keren bangeettt dan jadi pengen nyoba pake lipstik warna hitam gitu sekali-kali :)

    1. Makasih Nurul :D

      heheh, ayo dicobain sekali-sekali pakai lipstik warna gelap banget :D


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