Shattered Face Look

It's been a while since the last time I made a fantasy-experimental-makeup like this :'D
I miss it somehow and it was literally last night I made this one. Without any preparation, even without lighting that I usually use for most of my photos.

The urge was there and since I have no class for today, I think I could made this one last night.
My first ever Shattered Face Look.

When I said I have no preparation on this, I mean it. Hahaha

I just realize that I didn't bring my gel eyeliner right before I'm about to do this makeup. I also just found out that I did not bring my light bulb that I usually used to support my photo.

I did a quick search about broken doll makeup right before I made this makeup look. I was not really into doll-makeup that time, so I decided to make the shattered face look instead. Because I wanted the normal side to looked as normal as possible.

So I came up with this makeup look.

This is my inspiration for my makeup look~

After a few photos, I decided to change my lip color. I made the black a little more obvious and looked more gradient. But I personally think that it looked like a two-face makeup.. hmm..

Oh yeah, in case you are curious about what product I used to create this makeup look, these are the list :
- Mustika Ratu Stick Foundation in Pearly White
- MakeOver Perfect Cover Two Way Cake in Light Beige
- Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink Eyeliner
- Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit
- Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara
- Shu Uemura Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette for the blush Glow On PK8
- LT Pro Shade & Tint Kit 02
- Caring Colours Pencil eyeliner in Black (I used it to draw)
- Pixy Line & Shadow in White
- Simbalion Face and Body Paint (I only used the white one)
- Maybelline ColorSensational in Red Porcelain
- MUA Lipstick in Raven
- X2 Extreme Contact Lens in White Zombie
- X2 Bio Contact Lens in Grey

Why did I use pencil eyeliner to draw this instead of using face painting that I have? I'm questioning my self as I type this blog post.. hahaha
I think it was because I ran out of makeup remover :p
This pencil eyeliner was easier to clean than the face painting that I have :p

I think I need more practice in drawing. I am not quite satisfied with this one.

Anyway, I don't know why but I am happy that I could made this makeup look. Well, that's a good thing because I think that I could express my self through makeup look that I made and this one was my escapism from my activity as a student with a lot of assignments. Hahaha

Well, what do you think about this one?


Thank you for visiting~ ^o^)/

See you on my next post~



  1. keren dila! hasilnya bagus tapi serem!

  2. Mancaap Dilla ^^, suka gradasi lipsnya smooth...

  3. wooooow.. mata nya menyeramkan dhilla.. semua painting face mu kereeeen

    1. Hahaha, serem serem gitu yaa Yuk Dine XD

      Makasiiih yaaa~ :D

  4. Dear Dila :)
    Aku nominasiin kamu di Liebster Award.
    Please kindly check the questions on my blog ya :*


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