Clozette Indonesia and BeautyBox Indonesia Beauty Workshop Event Coverage

Guess one from many benefits from being a Clozette Indonesia Ambassador?

You got invited to their super cool event! :D

Clozette Indonesia and BeautyBox Indonesia made a beauty workshop that was attended by Clozette Indonesia Ambassadors (including me!) and a few Beauty Bloggers.

This workshop was on February 7th at the Ampera Six Building, the headquarter of BeautyBox Indonesia. I have to say that the office of BeautyBox Indonesia looked so cool! Seriously! It didn't look like an office at all.

Now, meet the amazing people behind the Clozette Indonesia ;D

A respresentative of BeautyBox Indonesia also welcome us and gave us a glimpse of what is BeautyBox is.
BeautyBox Indonesia is a company that handle international brand such as Sampar, Lollipops,, Bo.Ho cosmetics, GlamGlow and Oscar Blandi.

Another representative from BeautyBox Indonesia introduced us to which a brand that made a skin care based on eye area treatment. 
Why eye area? Because our eye area is a sensitive and delicate area. From that, the made their skincare that delicate and good enough for your eyes, in other word it also good for your whole face.

This is how I look before I clean my face with the

This is a face cleanser from that you can use without rinse it with water. How cool is that?!

You can see how my lip was completely clean from my fushia lipstick. After I cleaned my face, the beauty advisor helped me applying the GlamGlow SuperMud to my face. 
I like the after effect of this mask. I can feel that my face felt refresh and smooth as it tighten my pores.

This is how I look after a makeover using, Sampar, Lollipops and Bo.Ho Cosmetics. The beauty advisor who help me during the makeover applied pink-coral color lipstick which totally different from my fushia lipstick that I wore previously.

Hi Vitrie! Vitrie sat next to me during the makeover session, nice to meet you girl! :D

Hi Ce Irene :D

Hi Ina :D


Anyway, if you are interested to join the fun, sign up to ^o^)/


Thanks for stopping by and reading this post ^o^)/

See you on the next post~



  1. I've seen a couple of other events at other places, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great venue, it's smaller than those bigger places but it is still a fair sized venue for events in NYC. Food was great and I think it's recently renovated - it didn't seem old or anything.

  2. hehe, dilaa..mau dong foto-fotonya kemareen yang rame rame.. kirim ke email aku please :)

    thank you :)


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