Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick #02 Pink Adore Review

Hello dear friends~ :D

Before I start the review, I would like to tell you a good news. :D
If you remember about my Flower Queen that was made specially for ReineDoll Shop's Make Up Challenge, I was one of the runner up of the Make Up Challenge :'D *dance happily*
I got complimentary gifts which are this Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick and Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit :D

As the title says, I will review the Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick first~

Truthfully speaking, when I received the gifts, that was the first time I encountered with this Jordana brand. I immediately googled about this chubby cute blush stick :3 then I found out that they have six colors of this Color Tint Blush Stick. :D

I got  mine in Pink Adore, which is a real pink with a little bit of shimmer in it. At first when I saw the color I think that it has a little bit cool undertone in it (I am a warm/yellow undertoned skin) but it just suit me best :'D

When I check on their web, I found the description of this Color Tint Blush Stick as follows (the follow testimonies are mine) :

- Blendable creamy cheek color
Yes, it is blendable, even super easy to blend and with its creamy texture, you can blend the blush color evenly on you cheek. So you don't have to worry for uneven color application that might happen on (a few other) cream blush.

- Provides a healthy, natural glow
Since this Pink Adore contains a little bit of shimmer in it, it delivers a good healthy natural glow on my cheek. The amount and size of shimmer is very tolerable for everyday use and it look just natural both the glow and the color, so you won't look like you obviously wearing blush on :D

- Convenient pocket size, twist up application
The size of this Color Tint Blush Stick is really travel friendly. It's a little bit chubbier than normal lipstick size and there is no problem with the twist up application.

- No brush necessary
This is what I like the most, there is no brush needed for applying this blush :'D you only need your clean finger to blend the blush nice and evenly on you cheek. This also counted as travel friendly because when you travel and have to bring very limited beauty product and tools, this will be a very great choice :D (I experience it directly when I have to travel to Surabaya and have to bring only a few beauty products).

- Made in Taiwan
I have no issue with this.

This Color Tint Blush Stick contains 0.21 OZ which equal to 6 gr amounts of product. I think that it could last up to a year since a little goes a long the way with this product.
This blush has a flowery baby powder scent which at first, really overpowering and obvious, but after that the scent fade eventually.

Oh yeah, here is the swatch of Pink Adore.

If you blend it really well, you will get a nice sheer glowing pink color, and I think that you could build up the color up to your preference.
For the application of this blush it self, simply apply it after the foundation application. I will show you two methods to apply this blush.

First method, apply the product directly to your cheek and then blend it with your finger.

Or you could try the second one, which is swirl your finger on the product and then blend it on you cheek.

After that, don't forget to set it with face powder. Don't worry about the color, because the blush color will still showed up. Just like the picture bellow. :D

This blush will last for a good  2 1/2 to 3 hours and then will fade after that.



For these FOTD, I add the blush to make it look more 'appear' on the camera. :D
I used the second method to touch up the color on my cheek.


To conclude everything, here are what I like and what I don't like :

+ Creamy texture and easy to blend
+ Gives natural healthy glow on cheek
+ No brush needed
+ Convenient size
+ Travel friendly

~Don't Like~
- The overpowering scent


You can get this super cute Jordana Color Tint Blush Stick from ReineDoll Shop for only IDR 110.000~ ^o^)/
 Check out their online shop to find out more about products they sell. Most of the products that ReineDoll Shop sold are products from USA, you can find high end products such as Urban Decay to drugstore products just like this Jordana and Wet n Wild that I got :D there are lot more brands that you can find (they even have some South Korea's Brand).

ReineDoll Shop's Facebook Account
ReineDoll Shop's Facebook Fan Page
ReineDoll Shop's Instagram : @reinedollshop


Thank you for visiting~ ^o^)/

See you on my next post~



  1. Blush nya cantik sekaliii.. org nya apalagi♡.♡ salam kenal ya hihihihi

    1. Setujuuu sama kamu Dhana ^^ blush-nya emang cantiiikk~
      Hihihi, bisa aja kamu, >///< salam kenal juga yaah ^o^)/
      Makasih Dhana cantiiik~

  2. cantik banget sihhh *.*
    blush nya imut gt ya.. warnanya jg bagus :D

    1. Aiiiih dirimu juga cantikkk bangettt Rin :*
      Iyaaah :D blushnya imut kayak lipstik tapi chubby :3
      Makasiiih yaa Rin :D

  3. Dhillaaa dirimu cantik banget (*0*) tapi tetep ya boooo' hijab nya loreng tentara.. Hihihi

    1. Waaaahhh Ayuuuuk juga cantiiik bangeetttt *O*
      Ahahahaha XD iyaaaa cyyyn~ hijab teteup loreng XD
      Makacih yah Yuk Dine :3

  4. CC juga suka produk Jordana.. Blushnya cakep.. Dilla juga cantikk ^^

    1. Wihiiii tos dulu kalau gitu cc ^o^)/\(^o^ Iyaaah, blushnya cakep dan natural jatohnya..
      Hihihi, bisa aja cc cantik iniii~ :*
      Makasiiih ya cc~ ^^

  5. Dila cantik bangeeettt. Terus gue jadi tertarik sama produknya. hahahaha Ayo meetup lagi ayoo

    1. Aheeey~ Jengs Cindy bisa aja :3 makacih yaa jengs cantikk~ :3
      Ihihihi, sok atu mampir ke facebooknya *kedip-kedipin mata*
      Ayooo ayooo kapan meetup lagiii? ^o^)/


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