Shu Uemura Make Up Event at Lotte Shopping Avenue

こんにちは~ ^^

Hihihi, hello everyone~ ^o^)/
Yesterday, 13 beauty bloggers and I were Invited to Shu Uemura Make Up Event at Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta. There were two sessions for the event, first session at 3 PM and second session at 6 PM.
I chose to came at the first session.
The event start at 3 PM but I came to the Shu Uemura counter early at 2.30 PM, hahaha :D
I like to came early so I could take a lot stock photos :D
So be prepared, because this post contains a lot of photos XD

Before I tell you the main event, let me take you on Shu Uemura's Counter Tour ^o^)/

A full set of Shu Uemura products *,*
Can I have them all, pretty please? *,*

These are Shu Uemuras's latest collection, Bijoux Spring/Summer 2014.

Their various make up bases~

These Shu Uemura's Lash holders are so cute X3

The new family member of the LightBulb Family, the LightBulb UV Compact that has unique two sides  sponge. One side for applying and building up the coverage and the other side for polishing the skin to give extra glow finish. This compact can be used dry or wet.

Shu Uemura's famous cleansing oils and skincare lines~

Ella and Dwi, make up Artists from Shu Uemura Indonesia preparing before the event begun :D

Food!!! XD hahahaha XD
These yummy snacks provided by FlourFlour ^o^)/

Aaaand the make up event begun~ ^^

Here I'm going to try to explain the step of the make up :
1. Apply make up base with the LightBulb sponge (I'm sorry, I didn't remember which Shu Uemura make up base used in this demo T,T).
2. Apply the LightBulb Foundation.
3. Apply the LightBulb UV Compact in dabbing and gliding motion with the skin-soft sponge side and then polish with circular motion with the skin-smooth side of the sponge.
4. Draw the eyebrow using the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil.
5. In this Demo, the make up artist used Shu Uemura Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette without any primer.
6. (6a) The make up artist start drawing eyeliner by filling the gab in the lash line with pencil liner, in this demo the make up artist used Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Black. Why not use the liquid eyeliner in this step? some people have sensitive eyes to some eye make up products and to avoid the 'ink' get to your eyes,  (6b) Then she continue draw eyeliner with Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink on the right eye and then continue draw paperlash-looking eyeliner on the left eye (6c).
7. The make up artist (if I'm not mistaken) used blush from the Heart-full Pink Parallel Palette and she also used white shimmery eyeshadow from the same palette to highlight the browbone and under the eye.
8. Last, apply Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine lipstick.

Drinking sour lemon tea during the make up demo XD

After the make up demo, we--the beauty bloggers--and some other customers filled the Shu Uemura counter. As for the beauty bloggers, we tried to create make up look inspired on some make up look that created by Shu Uemura Indonesia Make Up Artists.

 Imelda from the A Chick With Lipstick

Endi Feng from Endi Feng's

Here how I looked before I did the eye make up :D

I pick this 'Dancing Line' created by Astri as inspiration for the eye make up I'm about to create. Based on the booklet given at the event, this 'Dancing Line' was inspired by Indonesian's Carving Pattern. Such unique inspiration :'D

I was in the process to create my very own version of 'Dancing Line' using the Calligraph:ink :D

The Calligraph:ink was sooooo amazing! I was falling in love with this eyeliner pen at the first stroke :'D hahaha
The tip of this Calligraph:ink was created based on Calligraph brush that can make effortless eyeliner stroke like I did here.
Oh yeah, this eyeliner wouldn't lose its ink when you used upon eyeshadow, what's make this eyeliner more convivient is that this eyeliner is refillable! :D
Curious about the price?
It's about IDR 600.000,-

At the event, a lady asked me to create a simple version eyeliner like I did on my eyes :'D

This is how my version of 'Dancing Line' created with Calligraph:ink.

Photo time with fellow beauty bloggers :D

With Nurina from There's a Reason for Smile, happy to see you in real life girl! :D

Group photo, all the beauty bloggers who attended the first session~ :D

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia for having us~ ^^

Thank you for visiting~ ^^
I hope you enjoy this image-heavy post XD

Till the next post~


  1. kyaaa ~~ mba dil foto yg kita berdua aku ijin save ya :D

    1. aaa, terimakasih mba dila :D
      hehe mba dil, aku nominasiin mba dil buat Sunshine blogger award ^^

    2. Waaaah makasiiih Nuuuy~ :*
      Hihihi, tak pikirin dulu jawabannya XD

  2. Coba yah di malang ada kayak beginian :v :'(

    1. Iya yah nggie... :'( *puk-puk
      Mungkin event-event kayak gini ada di Surabaya :D kan Malang-Surabaya deket :D

  3. nice event report, btw foto nya jernih sekalii pake kamera apa kamuu? :D


  4. dila yg kamu hasilnya bagus banget...yg aku gagal total look nya hahah! btw ada foto yg ada aku nya ijin save yaa :D

    1. Huaaa punya kamu juga bagus kok Imelda :D
      Hihihi, iyaaa silakan disimpan :D

  5. Ahhhhhh.... Mau eyelinernyaaaaa.....
    Enak banget ya nampaknyaaaa.....
    Keren jadinya yang kamu bikinnnn... baguuuuusss...


    1. Samaaaa aku pun juga mau eyelinernyaaaa~ XD
      Iya Plum, enak banget si Calligraph:ink ini :'D bisa bikin garis meliuk-liuk dengan mudah :'D
      Terima kasiiiih Plum~ :D


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