Yukkiyuna EyeLashes Review

I bet that you (beauty enthusiast in Indonesia) know about Yukkiyuna Eyelashes. 
False lashes with pink and super cute package that 100% made in Indonesia with very affordable price. They also have a lot of variation of false lashes from natural to dramatic, upper and lower lashes.
A while ago I had a chance to try their false lashes~ uwooow~
The dearest PuffeShop kindly offered me Yukkiyuna Eyelashes to try, not only one but six pairs of false lashes. So many~ :'D

I chose three pairs of upper lashes and three pairs of lower lashes.
The upper lashes are Sweet Angel, Dolly Charm and Queen Allure.
The lower lashes are Perfect Glory, Perfect Hope and Perfect Wish.

The design of Yukkiyuna's package is very girly with pink, flowers and lace design.

100% made in Indonesia :'D

This is my first time to get a note from an online shop ^^
Feels so special~ :'D
Oh yeah, Yukkiyuna has just released their eyelash glue, I also get one eyelash glue.

If you curious about Yukkiyuna Eyelases design, take a look on the pictures bellow.



Not seeing any Perfect Wish on the picture? Perfect Wish was just released by Yukkiyuna, so it's one of brand new lashes from Yukkiyuna, the other lashes that Yukkiyuna has just released is Dolly Kiss. You can check Yukkiyuna or PuffeShop instagram to know how Dolly Kiss looks like.

~Sweet Angel~
Most of lashes from Sweet collection has natural length and design.
For this Sweet Angel, it has very natural design and length, I could say that it exactly as long as my natural lashes. I think that Sweet Angel is suitable for those who want a little addition to their natural lashes or just want a little bit visible lashes without using mascara.

~Dolly Charm~
I think that all collections in Dolly range has medium length and most of them has the outer part longer than the inner part of the lashes.
This Dolly Charm gave a winged eyeliner effect on my eyes.

~Queen Allure~
The Queen Collection is the dramatic collection in Yukkiyuna, they got the length and for some collection, volume. For this Queen Allure, when I use it, the false lashes--due to its length--almost touch my eyebrow and when I open my eyes really wide, it tingles my skin a little bit. Hahaha.

Now let's move on to the lower false lashes collection! ^o^)/
Oh yeah, this is the first time I ever try lower false lashes and I have to say that I struggled a lot to put the lower lashes properly. 

~Perfect Glory~
This Perfect Glory is the most natural looking lower lashes that I got. It goes really well even with simple eye make up.

~Perfect Hope~
The Perfect Hope has this thicker outer part and I think it suit for Gyaru make up.

~Perfect Wish~
Perfect Wish, as I stated before, is the new member of Yukkiyuna lower lashes family. The design is kind of Twiggy style, I guess.

FOTD timeee~ ^o^)/
A review is not complete without FOTD :'D I don't know about you, but I will expect at least one FOTD on every review I read on other blog ._.) I just want to see how the product looks like on their face ._.)
Anyway, in this post I present you three FOTDs at once, I made these FOTDs special to represent Yukkiyuna's eyelashes.

~Look #1~
I paired up the Sweet Angel and Perfect Glory to get that natural innocent look.

~Look #2~
I paired up the Dolly Charm and Perfect Wish to give extra support to my mystical look.

~Look #3~
In this look, I tried to do Gyaru look, since in Gyaru look require long dramatic upper and lower lashes, I paired up the Queen Allure and Perfect Hope together.

To sum up everything, here are points that I like and don't like.

*I do like*
- A lot variation of eyelashes design.
- The false lashes come in clear band and flexible.
- Light weight.
- Affordable price (IDR 15.000 for a pair, IDR 20.000 for a pair + a mini glue)

*I don't like*
- Some natural looking designs are very vulnerable (one outer strand of my Sweet Angel off when I tried to take them off of  the tray for the second time I wanted to use it T___T)

Okay, if you interested to try these lashes, don't hesitate to visit Yukkiyuna or PuffeShop ^o^)/

Thank you for both PuffeShop and Yukkiyuna~

Thank you for you too who has visit and read this post ^^



  1. Dilaaa, aku suka look yang ke-3. Gorgeous! Hahaha

    1. Jeeengs Cindy~ XD
      Wihihihi, look yang ke-3 itu diriku seperti bukan diriku.. hehehe :p
      Thank you Jengs :*

    2. hahaha iyah, di situ dirimu keliatan kayak orang arab-eropa gitu tau jeng. hahaha :P aaahh dilaaa, keren! I'm your biggest fans lah. XD

    3. ahahahaha XD arab-eropa dari pulau jawa XD
      aaahhhh makasiiih jeeeengss XD sini aku peluk-cium dirimu :*
      asiikk, saya catet yah nama jengs di fans-club saya :p ehehehe

  2. aihh. cantik banget. suka semua looknya. matanya keren bangets.


    1. aiihhh terima kasih Nella :D seneng deh dengernya kalau suka semua ^^

  3. cantiikknya dirimuuuuu dil <3 ~ aku suka sm look smwnya <3
    eh tp bingung gmn y hukum islam pake bulmata palsu dr rambut asli dil ? aku dr dulu g brani make ggra katany si haram >.< huhu

    1. terima kasiiihhhh Shani <3
      wah, kalau tentang itu aku sebenarnya kurang tahu Shan :( harus cari tahu dulu nih..
      terima kasih yaa~ ^^

  4. Look yg ke-2, syukaa sekaliii <3 <3

    1. wihihihi, Dini suka look yang mistis-mistis yaa? XD
      terima kasiih yaa~ :D

  5. Dilla cantikknyooooo... ♥(^3^)(^3^)

  6. matanya tantik sekali dipakein bulmat jadi tambah tantiiikkkk X)


  7. bulu matanya cetar membahanaaa,,,udah ngalah2in syahrini hihihi..tapi masih cantikan kamu :P


    1. ahahaha XD
      Alhamdulillah yah cetar membahana senusantara khatulistiwa XD
      ahahaha, makasiiihhh yaaa Putri cantiikk :D

  8. look yang ke 3 cantikkkk . btw look yg pertama pake softlens apa kak ?? hehe


    1. aaaaahhh~ makasiiihh Nesyaa~ :D
      di look yang pertama aku pakai softlens dari X2 yang Ice No1 warna Sky Blue :D

  9. Hallo mba Dilla :)

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    Jika tertarik bisa email ke vindaprashita25@gmail.com



    1. Halo Vinda :D
      Terima kasih sudah berkunjung di blog ini :D

  10. Dila cantiik !!
    paling suka look # 3 !!
    make up nya baguus
    suka hijab lace nya juga

    oya keberatan gak kalau saling follow ?
    aku udah follow km..


    1. Kyaaa~ makasiiih Cintami cantiiik~ XD

      Followed back dear :D


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