(Event Report) Estée Lauder New Concept Counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Last February 15th I was invited to Estée Lauder's new concept counter launching at Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta.
Yes, Jakarta. 
For your info, I didn't live in Jakarta, I live in Cilegon, which is about 100km away from Jakarta.
I was so happy when I knew that I am one of beauty bloggers that got the invitation for this event and it was my first ever beauty event :D

The event was held at 2pm sharp. So my sister and I leave the house around 9am to get there on time.
Did I drive to Jakarta?
Nope, I rode bus and taxi to get there 'o')9
So, I arrived around 12.30pm, still have a lot time to Shalat, do my make up and having lunch >o<)~
Because I arrived early that day, I managed to took a lot of stock photos for this report and did some product swatches :D

A lot sample of products missing because there was semifinalists of face chart competition did their make up. 

Their famous Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation :D
Mr Erfan explained that this foundation will not transfer once it applied on your skin, that's what 'Stay-in-Place' mean. Also, it claim will stay on your face up to 15 hours.

Estée Lauder skin care booth.

Makeup section

These are their Pure Color Cheek Rush, gel blusher. Seriously, the product's texture really like jelly >,<

Their Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer :D

I love this Hot Cherry Lacquer color >o<)

The Double Wear Lipstick.

Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick.

Invisible Powder Makeup.

Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette *so beautiful*

Their individual eyeshadow, Pure Color Eyeshadow.

Gorgeous-beautiful-looking bag + a set of makeup? Yes, please~

Estée Lauder Fragrance corner.

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv skin care collection.

At Lotte Shopping Avenue counter, they have a lounge that was made resemble to Mrs Estée Lauder's room. This lounge was made for costumer comfort. One of their new concept.
Ms Wulan also explained that the new concept of the Estée Lauder counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue was services. Unlike when you're shopping at department store or duty-free store, most likely you will only buy the products, here at Lotte Shopping Avenue counter, you will get good services from the Beauty Advisor such as explanation about the products until finding your perfect shade of makeup. It's all about good services. 

Their Special gift set that you will get for shopping certain amount. This special gift will be different every month.

Estée Lauder Digital iMatch Shade Finder! :D
This device will analyze your skin color to get the perfect shade of foundation or face powder from Estée Lauder.
To get know your shade, this device have to be placed on three points of your face, which are forehead, cheek and chin.
Because I forget to take picture when the BA tried the iMatch on me, I used my stock photos when the BA tried it on Iva's face :D

From the iMatch Shade Finder, my shade for Double Wear Foundation is Tawny (3W1).

At The Event, Mr Efan introduced us to their Beauty Advisors's new outfit.

Their new outfit was dominated by Estée Lauder's signature color, navy blue and detailed with golden buttons. Very chic and professional looking. 

There was semifinalist of face chart competition doing the make up on their models. These are the second session that day.
I actually join the face chart competition, but sadly I didn't get to be one of the semifinalist.

All the semifinalists.

These are the finalist. The final was held on February 23rd at Plaza Senayan, but unfortunately I couldn't attended the event :(

Last but not least, photo session :D

credit to Ce Carnellin for this photo :)

Thank you Estée Lauder Indonesia for the invitation.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope that this post could be one of your reference ;)



Bonus photos time ^o^)/

 With fellow beauty blogger~ so happy to meet them in real life ^^

credit to Ce Irene for this photo :)

Muahahahaha, my face look so big in this photo..

With my sister :D


  1. aaaa, gila mba dil jauh bgt dari cilegon >,<

    1. iyaaa nuuuy, jauh bingit dari cilegon >,<
      tapi aku seneng jadi bisa jalan-jalan ^^ hihihi

  2. Ya alloh dhil.. tapi kalo diitung2 cilegone nggak jauh2 amat ya dhil.. senang nya bisa jalan2 huhuhu..

    1. Iya Mbak Din nggak jauh-jauh amat.. *udah sering bolak-balik cilegon-depok*
      Bisa jalan-jalan ke mall bagus #eh XD

  3. I want the lip lacquer ! Thanks for sharing this dear. The event seems fun.

    MITCH | Click to join OhDearBumblebees' Giveaway~*

    1. Agree! I want the lip lacquer too~ >,<

      Thanks for visiting my blog dear ^^

      Will join your giveaway :D


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