Wardah ChocoAholic Lip Palette Review

Another lip product review from me :D

This one is a lip palette from Indonesia's local product, Wardah.

I looove lip palette, because you can get many lip colors in one convenient place and not forget to mention very affordable price :D yaaay XD
In this case, Wardah Lip Palette contains eight colors for only IDR 60.000 or around $5 which normally I could only got one or two shades of lipstick.

Here how it looks

At the back of the case there are ingredients detail, manufacture and expire date, and at the bottom part there also name (or code) for each shade. 

The size of this palette is pretty small, not even as big as my palm :D

Here how's the content looks like

Eight in one :D
It comes with big mirror too :D yaaay :D

At first, I was expecting there's at least one brown or chocolate shade. But naaah none of this shade is brown. I think this palette got its name because every shade in this palette has brown undertone.

What's so unique from this lip palette is that it smell like choco candy >,<)~ feel so yummy~

I ever used the first shade around 10 am and then I checked it again around 3 pm, the lip color was still there even after I ate around 4 pm, the moisture was disappear a little bit but the color still there which is good :D
No strange taste :D 
I like this one, because there are some lipsticks that has strange taste which is sooo meeeh DX

Oh yeah, I forgot to take a picture of the brush before I used it. 
This is the brush that comes with the palette.

Too small :(
I ever used this brush, and it created uneven line around my lip :(

Let's jump to the conclusion :D

What I like :
- Affordable price
- Good staying power, around  5 to 6 hours
- Convenient packaging (small for palette size and slim and has big mirror)
- No strange taste

What I don't like :
- Small brush (sorry Wardah)

Overall, I like this lip palette :D

How about you?

Have you try this palette?


You get interested to try this palette after read my post? hehehe XD

Thank youuu for stopping by ^^



  1. Aku waktu itu bimbang mau yg chocoaholic ini atau pinky peach, eeeh aku ga jadi ambil yg ini :( padahal tone ku lebih masuk yg choco kayaknya, brush ku malahan rontok kak skrg jadinya fufufu ~.~

    1. Aaah, kayaknya aku pernah baca reviewmu deh dulu.. *ketahuan silent readernya* hehehe
      Aku juga ada tuh yang pinky peach :O belum bikin fotonya tapiiii...
      yang ini warna-warnanya cenderung 'warm tone' semua :3
      nah kaaan si kuasnya ini agak kurang memuaskan =,=

  2. aku jugak pakeee yang ini, sukaaaa <3. dan emang itu brush rontok sekali >.<
    folback ya saaay
    xoxo ^^

    1. iyaah~ aku juga sukaa~ :D
      woh? brushnya rontok? punyaku belum rontok kayaknya ya.. :O
      Followed back dear ;)


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