Disney Frozen - Anna - Makeup Tutorial

From the latest Disney animation movie, Frozen.

Let me introduce you to Anna.
A princess of Arendelle. 

In the movie she and her companions trying to find her sister, Elsa, up to the mountain to end the eternal winter and bring back the summer.

Woo~ go Anna go~ ^o^)/*  *pom-poms in the hands*


Another Princess and beauty from Disney :D and I determined to recreate the look and also made the tutorial.

Anna's makeup look is very simple and yet, I would say, easy :D

I'm not going to blabbing much in this intro, so, please take your popcorn, have a seat and take a look at the tutorial bellow :D

In the next step, eyeshadows that I used were from Sariayu Eye Shadow Palette 25 Best Choice Colors of Asian Woman and MUA Undressed Palette

Selfie timeee~ :D

Her look is not complete without her two braids :D

Chubby cheek, chubby cheek~

Leave your comments bellow, yes?


Thank you for stopping by~ :D


Please check out Anna's big sister, Elsa, makeup tutorial.


  1. kakak cantik sekaliiiii... >.<

    mampir blog ku ya kak.. thankyouuu

    1. terima kasih Yani cantiiikkk >.<

      okeh sip, aku udah berkunjung ke blogmu ;)

  2. Iya, jilbabnya keren,... Tutorialnya duong... :D

    1. waaah makasiiiih ;D
      itu cuma kerudung ditumpuk tiga terus dikepang >.<

  3. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    In my attempt to find hooked viewers as me, I came to your pretty blog. =D thanks for sharing your own thoughts of it!

    1. I definitely agree with you! Maybe because Frozen kind of break all the Disney Princessestween ' tradition, you know, love at the first sight, romantic love story, etc.
      By the way, thank you for visiting my blog ^^

    2. Btw dear, I hope it's fine that I included your Elsa makeup tutorial to my Frozen party ideas. thanks again and have a lovely day ahead! :)


    3. Hihihi, my Elsa or my Anna? XD
      It is fine as long as you link it back to here ^^
      I am so happy that you like my creation and even put it on the party idea list ^o^)/
      Thank you, I really appreciate it ;)


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