Thrill #AsianFearFest Photo Contest

After almost 2 years, yeah two years everyone...
I finally create something scary again..

About a couple weeks ago my friend, Ron, told me that there was a photo contest. Not just an ordinary photo contest, it was #AsianFearFest photo contest. So, we have to dress up as a ghost and take a photo with Thrill advertisement.

What made me so excited to join this photo contest beside the make up? It's the prize! The prizes are 2 VIP CN BLUE Concert tickets.. Kyaaaaa~ >.<

Here is the photo that I use for the contest~

Let me explain something here..
The competition is about asian ghost, especially Indonesian ghost.
Well, since I'm wearing hijab, I can't do any female ghost that Indonesia have.. I don't need to name those ghost, you can name them your self.. 
Actually the concept of my photo is 'None Jakarta'. I thought that I could combine the 'None Jakarta' look and creepy kind of look together. So I can pull off Indonesia theme and the ghost theme together and still covered in my photo.
But yeah, it didn't show really obvious in the photos.. *cry*

Aaaaand here are some other photos~

To make that kind of wound, I simply use peel off mask, thanks to my 'Tata Artistik' Lecturer for giving me that trick :D
For the blood, I just used soy sauce with a little bit of red chili food grade color.

I hope my photos didn't really scare you..

Thanks for stopping by and checking my creepy photos~

Wish me luck (again) 



  1. Kereen >< tutorial tutorial xD

    1. Kyaaa~ makasiiiih Elfira :D
      Aku usahakan secepatnya bikin tutorialnya XD

  2. wah hadiahnya tiket konser CN BLUE?? lumayan amaat hihi tons of luck dear, keren deh bikin efek fake bloodnya seremmmmm hihi

    1. iyaaa >.< lumayan banget kaaan~
      makasiiih yaa Judith ^_^)/

  3. duh ini realistis banget lukanya! wish you luck luck lucccckkkk dear <3

  4. lukanya seperti asli yah.. Kewl :)


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