First of all, i dedicate this recipes for my lovely cousin ---> Mbak Arum (✿◠‿◠)
Forgive me for being sooo late to give you this recipes.. T,T

There's a bit mistake in the photos, I'm sorry.. m(___)m
The word "Fettucini", and the picture itself. I took the picture not right after the Fettuccine ready, so it looked a bit dry.. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

This recipes is my mom custom recipe, so maybe it's a bit different with the real fettuccine.
Happy cooking! *\(^o^*\) (/*^o^)/*



Ingredients :
-          - 250 gr fettuccine
-          - 6 slices of smoked beef, cut lengthwise
-          - 500 milk
-          - 1 onion (medium size), diced
-          - 4 cloves of garlic, chopped
-          - ½ tea spoon of pepper powder
-          - Salt (it depends on your preference)
-          - ¼ tea spoon of nutmeg powder
-          - 3 table spoon of grated cheese (option and the amount actually depends on your preference)
-          - 2 table spoon of cooking oil

How to cook :
-          - boil the fettuccine about 4 minutes, drained
             - heat the oil, saute the garlic and the onion
-          - put the smoked beef in, stir well
-          - sprinkle the salt, pepper powder and nutmeg powder, stir again
-          - pour the milk, stir well. (if you want to use cheese, add the cheese right after the milk)
-          - after the it boiled, put the Fettuccine in. Stir well, let it boil again then it's ready ^^ 


Tips :
- when you boil the Fettuccine, add about 2 table spoon of cooking oil and a pinch of salt. Why? Because oil to make the Fettuccine not sticky to each other and salt to give taste to the Fettuccine.
- when you drained the Fettuccine, pour some water on it right after so it will not sticky.
- when you decide to add some cheese, don't add to much salt because the cheese itself already savory.

Happy cooking!


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